Available Plots

The following is a list of plots available for rent at Raven Park (correct as of the time of writing). Please feel free to visit and have a good look around. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact Antony Fairport and I'll do everything I can to help.

Currently all plots are rented. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please drop Antony a line.

Please note that we're more than happy to join plots, should you need something bigger. We'll also consider dividing plots if you need something smaller and in the right place and if it won't make the remaining plots harder to let.

We have a strict but fair covenant (see below) and building code (available on request and also visible in the land information dialog when you're visiting any plot) and, with prior agreement, allow commercial use of any of the above plots. If you're unsure how something might fit the building code, just ask. There's likely a way we can make it work.


v2.3 (2015-03-24)


Welcome to Raven Park. This is a private estate with a BDSM theme. This sim is rated Adult; child and childlike avatars are NOT permitted. The region is provided by Z&A Productions (known in this document as "the owners"). Antony Fairport has final say in all matters pertaining to the running of the sim. Antony Fairport is the only account who can speak for Raven Park.

About this covenant

This covenant details what is and isn’t permitted when renting land at Raven Park. It documents the behaviour that is expected by all tenants and their guests. Repeated failure to follow the requirements of this covenant will result in you being asked to leave (or ejection from Raven Park if necessary).

Please keep in mind that we want you to enjoy renting land here at Raven Park. We also want your fellow tenants to enjoy renting land here. This document exists so that everyone understands the kind of community we wish to build and maintain.

Payment of rent is acknowledgement of the rules and covenant of Raven Park.

Renting land

No premium account is needed to own land here.

If you are interested in renting land at Raven Park please contact Antony Fairport. The available plots are primarily intended for residential use but we are more than happy to allow commercial use if your business is a good fit for the region.

Rent is due every Sunday night at midnight (Second Life time). Rent is paid directly to Antony Fairport. If rent is 3 days overdue your objects will be returned, your land will be reclaimed and it will be made available for rent. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time please let Antony know so that arrangements for rent payments can be made.

You will be asked to join the “Raven Park” group. This group will be used to communicate with residents and will also provide you with rez rights on the public pathway of Raven Park (that right is only to be used to rez sim-appropriate vehicles and similar items -- pony carriages, etc...) and also on the main Raven Park plot. While we allow and encourage everyone to use this right to rez role play props that are appropriate for the region, we insist they are not left out after you are finished with them. Any items found left out like this will be returned and you will accept full responsibility for any loss that might be caused during the return.

You may find that there are a small number of prims, on your plot, that belong to Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar. These are some of the walls that surround your plot and the gate. We ask that you DO NOT return these. They are there to give the boundaries of the plots a common look and feel and to give you a small degree of privacy. If you have a need to remove one or more of them, please speak with Antony first.

Building on your land

Raven Park has a Victorian/Neo-Victorian/Steampunk theme. ALL builds on the ground must fit this theme or be good quality generic builds that do not detract from the theme. We ask that you make all items on the ground, visible from public paths, fit in with this theme. If you are unsure if a building or other structure you wish to place on your land would fit please speak with the owners first. If you need examples of what would be a good fit please ask us (or have a look at our homes, the Raven Park Mansion and the Z&A shop).

Poor-quality builds are not allowed, nor is landscaping with flat prims (prim patios and the like are permitted, within reason -- if in doubt please consult with the owners).

The size of all builds must be proportionate to the size of the parcel. Buildings that span from border to border or are overly tall for your plot or position in the region are strongly discouraged and you may be asked to replace them with something more appropriate. If you are in doubt please ask the owners first.

You are expected to keep your buildings in good repair. We understand that accidents can and do happen but we insist that mistakes are fully fixed. We will ask that you replace buildings that have unnecessary gaps or overlapping prims that cause excessive “texture flash”.

Prims must not hang over borders onto neighbouring parcels without the express agreement of your neighbour.

Plants should be natural-looking and must not be full-bright.

Terraforming is permitted within reason; no excessive raising or lowering of terrain is allowed. All terraforming should be confined to that parcel; terraforming that raises or lowers part of another parcel is not permitted.

Floating structures are permitted above 800 meters (exceptions will be made for "map signs" if needed for commercial purposes and if tasteful -- please speak with the owners first).

Floating structures may be of any style and do not have to fit the sim theme.

ALL builds are subject to approval by the owners.

No spinning signs of any kind. No obstructive signs, No billboards or rotating prims.

No large phantom structures that obscure sections of the sim on the map and impact on other plots (for example, no large off-sim landscapes; small off-sim rocks and similar items are permitted if they don’t interfere with the look of the sim, the look of the map or other plots)

No yard sales, sandboxes or gaming areas (Zyngo, Slingo, etc.).

No long-term outdoor building on the ground. If you’re working on a build that you’re going to want to leave out while you log off for a while, please make yourself a build platform high in the sky (above 800m) and use that.

No major eyesores as determined by the owners. ALL builds are subject to their approval.

No clubs or club items.

Sale of land

You are not permitted to sell or sub-let your land. If you no longer need your plot please contact the owners so arrangements can be made to reclaim the land.

Land control

You can access all normal land functions.

Public build/rez MUST BE OFF. If you wish to allow others to rez on your land please control this with a group.

You must set your plot so that sounds are limited to your plot.

Parcels must be set to public access. NO ban lines are allowed. You may use a security system inside your house at ground level as long as its range does not extend outside the border of your plot and as long as it gives at least 15 seconds warning before ejection. Security systems used in floating structures need not warn before ejecting.

To preserve a consistent landscape, terraforming is only allowed within a height of 3m above or below the current sim level of 21m. If you feel you need to terraform outside of those bounds, please speak with the owners first.

Land may be divided into smaller parcels only with prior approval of the owners.

Object code

Physical and temp-rez objects should be limited to reduce sim lag.

Use of temp-rez objects to get around parcel prim limits is not permitted.

Breedable pets are not permitted (exceptions will be made for individual pets -- please speak with the owners first).

Avatars found wearing lag-causing attachments will be asked to remove them; failure to do so may result in being ejected and/or banned from the sim.

No shouting objects that can be heard beyond your land borders.

No light-casting objects that excessively light up other people’s plots.

No malicious spy scripts.

No high lag scripts with many listeners.

The owners will remove scripted objects that are deemed to cause lag or other problems within the sim.

General conduct

You are expected to abide by the Raven Park covenant at all times. You are also expected to abide by the Raven Park rules when in public view. As a tenant you also agree to be fully responsible for the actions of your guests.

Most of the Raven Park rules will always apply, but some do not extend inside your private home. However, the following always apply, inside and out, in sky boxes or at ground level:

- No harassment or stalking of residents.

- No entering other people's homes without being invited.

- No child porn or sexual age play allowed. This includes child and childlike avatars.

Thank you

Thank you for choosing Raven Park for your home or business. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the owners.

We reserve the right to make any changes to this covenant without prior notice to residents. All residents will be informed of any changes made.

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