Four new products and a bit of a move-around

Z&A Productions are delighted to announce that we've relased four new products to our main store. Currently you'll find them on the display platform on the ground floor:

The products are:
Flying Kneel Display

Sitting Cross (Chrome)

Sitting Cross (Rust)

Tease Stand

Putting these products on the display stand meant that the products released a couple of weeks ago had to be moved up into the main part of the sore. However, the main part of the store has started to get rather full so we finally had to have a bit of a move-around. Starting today, we're making use of the shop's attic:

Up until now the attic space has been empty, except for a couple of beanbags. We've generally used it at the Z&A "office". From now on it's part of the shop proper and more items will be going into it at a later date. If you do visit the main store, do be sure to have a look up there.

From now on the top floor will host the growing black wooden and rusty metal ranges of toys:

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