Two new cells

If you missed our birthday party at the weekend you'll have missed the birthday gift that was made available to all who came along. But not to worry as the cell is one of the two we're releasing into the main store and onto the Second Life marketplace this week:

Built of wood, with a luxurious buttoned leather interior, this cell should work well in the smarter rooms in a home. We've also added a subtle helping of materials for those who run with advanced lighting on.

And talking of advanced lighting: the next release this week, while looking great without ALM turned on, very nicely "pops" with it turned on. We call it the Leather Vault:

There's an owner menu that lets you select from 10 different leather colours and also a menu that lets you make changes to how rough (or smooth) or shiny the leather looks to those with advanced lighting turned on.

Both of these new releases are available to view in the main store and they can also be bought from the Second Life Marketplace. As always, if your preference is for a copy permission version, that too is available from the main store.


Fifth birthday dance

The handful of days surrounding this weekend mark the 5th birthday of Z&A Productions. As often is the case with these things no single day is really the day -- the whole process of going for a crazy idea to actually opening took a little more than a handful of hours. We generally take the day we actually opened for business as the birthday (and that's Tuesday coming) so, given that yesterday was the nearest Raven Park dance weekend, we moved the Raven Park dance to the Z&A main store and celebrated five years of scripting and building (coincidentally it was also the anniversary of the day that we placed an actual logo on the front of our very first shop).

As always, we have a collection of photos from the dance in an album on imgur. Here's a few highlights:

We had a really great time and it meant a lot to us to share a fun couple of hours with our friends. We also hope you all find a great use for our birthday gift.

The design is based on a cell we first built for our second birthday mini-hunt. Now remade from scratch, in mesh, with the new cell system and with a nice sprinkling of materials too. All being well those who are prone to time in cells will enjoy the view from the inside. And those prone to holding keys will enjoy the view in. ;)

Thank you to everyone who came along and made the whole event so much fun; and thank you to Eve for a brilliant set of music. Hopefully we'll see you all in another year.

Or... in a couple of weeks time when the dance heads back over to Raven Park.


Four new cells

Over the past year, here and there, we've being sprinkling a little bit of "materials" on some of our releases. The chestnut range of bondage furniture has made a point of using it, one or two restraints have made use of it and, lately, we've being using it (where it makes sense) on our cells. This new release, which we're calling the Leather Cage, makes extensive use of it.

Designed so that it looks great with advanced lighting turned off, it really pops with it turned on, with the buttoned leather of the walls taking on a very 3D feel and with the roof and floor leather having a lovely cracked shine when exposed to just the right light. And, of course, it makes for a very smart and secure place to keep your prized possessions.

Another new release, which follows on from our two paddock cells in having the appearance of being "floorless" and "roofless", is a cell made of bamboo and rope:

Finally, if you are a little short on space and feel the need for very narrow cells, we have the new cattle box cells in wood:

and metal:

You can find all of the cells shown above in the new product area of our main store so please feel free to come down and have a play with them. As well as being on sale there you'll also find them all on the Second Life Marketplace (just click on their images above to be taken to their listings). If you'd prefer a copy-permission version you'll also find them available in the main store.

PS: In case you missed it, this weekend we're celebrating Z&A's 5th birthday! There'll be music, dancing and a birthday gift (from us, to you). See this blog post for all the details.


Z&A's 5th birthday party

Some time around now, 5 years ago, Zardia was nagging Antony with this idea she had. See, he was messing about with getting to grips with writing RLV code and stuffing the resulting code inside collections of prims that resembled bondage furniture while she was getting to grips with making things with prims and sculpts and so he kept throwing his scripts inside her builds too. Z's idea? That they should open a shop and make the results available.

Antony thought this was a terrible idea and said no.

Within a week or so the shop was being kitted out.

Rent was first paid on that first shop on the 19th but we didn't have a name, or a logo, until the 21st. We didn't officially open for business until the 24th and that's the date we consider to be our "birthday". But, given that this weekend would be a Raven Park dance weekend, and given it's the nearest available weekend to our birthday...

As with the last couple of years Eve Terr will be providing the tunes, we'll be providing the birthday gift (yes, it's our birthday, but we're the ones giving the gift away) and we really hope that you'll be providing the company. There's no "theme" as such, so do please come as you like -- we're very laid back at Z&A so feel free to come dressed in as much, or as little, as takes your fancy.

So that's the plan: we have a party, you get a gift, we all have a bit of fun for a couple of hours. Here's the details:

Date: February 21st 2015
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Music by: Eve Terr

We hope we'll see you there!


Two new cells

While many of our RLV products are very obviously BDSM equipment we do like to, where we can, create some designs that are less obvious but just as fun and effective. We've done this a few times with our hold/display devices, our restraints and especially with our RLV vehicles. It's also something we like to do with our RLV cells too.

The Greenhouse is one such cell and a brand new take on it is now available in our main store and on the Second Life Marketplace.

With it you get all the usual features of a Z&A RLV cell while at the same time getting something that would look great in any garden.

Also new in the store is a cell that very firmly sits under the "obviously a cage" heading. We call it the Narrow Wooden Cage:

A menu option, available only to the owner, can be used to swap between a dark wood and rust look:

or a light wood and steel look:

You can view and play with both of these new cells in the new product area of our main store, and you can find them both on the Second Life Marketplace (just click on the vendor board images above to be taken to their listings). Copy permission versions of both cells are also available in the main store.

PS: If you're looking for an adult Femdom-themed kink-friendly place to call home where you could rez a cage or two (or a greenhouse), don't forget that we currently have a plot available for rent on Raven Park.

Plot available at Raven Park

For the first time in a couple or so months we have a plot available for rent on Raven Park. This is an east-facing plot, 2016 sqm in size and providing a 461 prim land capacity. Rent is L$738/wk.

You'll find the SLURL for the plot, as well as the Raven Park covenant, on our Rentals Page. You can also get an information pack from the Second Life marketplace.


Wizard of Oz dance

Yesterday afternoon we had our Raven Park Wizard of Oz dance. Despite RL attacking us from all sides (the odd crashing machine, the odd crashing viewer, the odd napping sub, etc...) we still managed to have a really fun gathering. As always we've got an album of photos from the event. Here's a few highlights:

Many thanks to everyone who came along and dressed up, and to Eve for a great set for us all to dance to.

Hopefully we'll see you all in a couple of weeks, when we'll be moving the dance to the Z&A main store. The reason? It's our 5th birthday! Expect music and dancing and gifts and things. ;)