The chocolate cell

Around a year ago we took part in an Easter-themed hunt and, as the gift for the hunt, we made a chocolate Z&A cell with a silly twist that let the inmates escape. Given that it's almost a year on and, once again, it's that weekend where lots of people enjoy lots of chocolate, we thought we'd make it available.

So we've made it available via a midnight madness board in the cell area of our store:

We'll be leaving the board out until at least Monday, and it's set to deliver as soon as the target is reached and it should reset again each midnight.

So, if you fancy a chocolate cell, head down to our main store and slap the board. :)


Meet George

When we launched Raven Street a few weeks ago it was important to us that people have access to usable demos. As well as making the demos available via the marketplace we also set things up so that they're available via the vendors in the main store. This also means that the demos are available via the Raven Street board that's part of the Z&A affiliate pack.

There was, however, one small wrinkle with the in-world demos. Because of the way things work the demo had to come boxed (well, in our case, bagged). This meant that anyone wanting to try a demo had to grab it, go home (or to a sandbox), rez the bagged version, unpack it, and then try it. Sending people away from your shop, as well as generally being a bad idea, seemed sort of rude to us as well.

This week we've fixed this. This week we've updated the demo "bag" so that you now wear it when you receive it and, in doing so, you get to meet George, the Raven Street delivery bird:

When you wear him he sits on your arm, waits a moment, and then gives you a friendly greeting and hands you your demo item. No rezzing or unpacking required. No needing to TP around the grid just to try on a demo.

All Raven Street affiliate boards are now updated to deliver this demo.


Announcing: Z&A Petites

Many of the products you'll see in our shop came about because of a personal need. The builds either came about because of an initial desire to make something we wanted or were looking for, or because they were an obvious and logical follow on from that initial need. So, for example, Antony's Mistress nagged him like crazy for a year or so about making her an RLV-enabled carriage and he finally got into making a vehicle system for Z&A. From that a lot of vehicle builds followed. The same with cells, etc.

This is not one of those times.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to have a small dance at the Femdom Cafe on Raven Park -- just a handful of residents (unlike this Saturday, where everyone is invited) -- and two of the residents turned up in/as petite avatars. While we've been aware of petites for a while now, and while we think they're really neat, we'd never really given much serious thought to building products aimed at petites.

During the dance there was much joking about how we should make petite versions of our latest builds and, the following day, joking turned into experimentation, which then turned into actual building.

Today we are launching a new product range that is the end result of those initial experiments. We're delighted to announce the first few products in Z&A's petite bondage furniture range:

These builds are the same as their "biggie" counterparts in all respects but the following:
  • There is no strip option in the menus. Because of the way that petite clothing works it didn't make much sense to have that there.
  • Unlike with our "biggie" range of products, where we let whatever chain texture is used by the victim's Lockguard-compatible cuffs show (unless the product calls for something specific -- rope for example), we've hard-coded in a small chain texture. Currently there seems to be a fairly limited choice of Lockguard-compatible petite cuffs so we decided to do this to help people who size down "biggie" cuffs.
Other than those two things these products work just like their "biggie" versions.

You can find this new range rezzed out and available for testing in our main store.

Please do feel free to drop in and have a play.

To help with testing the products we've also put out a vendor that gives out free set of Lockguard-compatible cuffs and a collar. They're nothing fancy, they're very plain, but if you don't have cuffs and a collar these will let you properly try the devices.

If you have any questions about these products please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

PS: We also wanted to say a big thanks to Tyssen and Tanner Laville for running around Raven Park as petites. It was just the push we needed to look into this. ;)


Raven Park and Evelock Dance

This week is the first anniversary of Z&A having a very long chat about what to do about the fact that our previous neighbour was giving up their half of the region we live on. Which means that this Saturday is the first anniversary of us announcing the result of that very long chat.

This also means that this week is the first anniversary of the creation of the Evelock Studio, a presence on Raven Park that has since expanded and now turned into a main store.

So, to celebrate this, we've all decided to have a bit of a do this weekend. We'd be delighted if you could join us on Raven Park, at the Femdom Cafe, for a gathering, a dance, and some great music provided by Eve Terr. Everyone is welcome.

Details are:

Date: Saturday 23rd March
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park


Z&A Sub-Allowance

Today we're releasing another product that, like with Sub-Focus, Antony has been meaning to make for quite some time. He finally cracked and started work on it when his Mistress kept complaining about how he was always running around the grid, amusing himself, coming and going as he pleases. (at this point he'd like to say that he spends most of his time messing about in the Z&A workshop -- but he knows better than to argue with his Mistress).

This new product is the Z&A Sub-Allowance:

Sub-Allowance comes as a pair of HUDs. There's a HUD for the sub/slave (this has transfer permission -- you buy one for each sub/slave) as well as a HUD for the dominant and admins (this has copy and transfer permission so any sub or slave buying this can allow more than one person to control their allowance).

With these HUDs the dominant can control certain aspects of the sub/slave's Second Life, controlling them as an allowance of sorts, that needs to be topped up every so often. The things that can be controlled are:
  • Walking
    This is given in kilometres. When the sub/slave runs out of their allowance they are stuck on the spot until more allowance is given.
  • Flying
    This is given in kilometres. When the sub/slave runs out of their allowance they are no longer permitted to fly (and will fall out of the sky when they run out while flying).
  • Talking
    The allowance is given in lines of chat in local. When the sub/slave runs out of their allowance all local chat is denied and only short emotes are permitted.
  • Teleporting
    The allowance is given in teleport events. When the sub/slave runs out of their allowance they are denied teleporting.
Each allowance is individually controlled (or not controlled).

A "home" location can also be set using the HUD. If this is set, when the sub/slave runs out of their walking or teleporting allowance, they will be shown an "emergency TP home button" which, when they touch it, will force teleport them to the set location. This allows them to get home safely if they're left stuck in a location that's less than ideal.

Of course, the idea with this is that "home" be set to a cell that auto-locks when they show up in it. ;)

Another key feature is that the dominant who locks the sub/slave's HUD can add "admins" to their HUD. These admins can top up the allowance for the sub/slave (but they can't unlock it). This is designed to allow for those times when the dominant can't get in-world, or if they wish to delegate the job of accounting for their property's allowances.

To find out more about this product do please pop down to the main store and request the information from the vendor board you'll find near the landing point.

As always you can buy this product from our main store, the Second Life Marketplace or from any of our other mall locations or affiliates.


Three new products

We've just released three new products to the main store and the marketplace.

The first is influenced by Antony's current predicament. He felt he needed a bed of some description in his new digs and this was the result:

Thankfully his Mistress has allowed him to use it. ;)

Talking of Antony's Mistress, the two other new products we're releasing are based on a build she's been nagging him to make for a long time. Finally, this last week, he had the bits sorted to make what she wished for. First there is the Z&A Flowerbed:

As well as being a normal Z&A RLV device this also has a menu for the owner that lets them change the plants that are visible. As well as this anyone can use the menus to get the needed props (the gardening tools). Once worn, if they are the gardener, each tool will show or hide depending on the pose.

Of course, some of you might want a RLV-locked gardener but you don't need a flowerbed because you have beds of your own that need tending to. With this in mind we've also released the Z&A Gardening product:

This works just like the flowerbed (minus the menu for changing flowers, of course) but, instead, there's just an uncomfortable plank of wood for the gardener to kneel on.

As always, you'll find these new products in the main store or on the Second Life marketplace.


Meet Black

For anyone who hasn't been in the main store of late (since the launch of Raven Street), we thought we should introduce the latest "member of staff" in the main store. Her name is Black Fishnet. Her job is to show off Raven Street products.

She is, of course, a "bot" (one that's registered with the Lab as a "scripted agent", so it's all above board) and her job is to stand on a special display stand and let you take a look at the dress she's currently wearing (as of today she's wearing a version of Hathor).

The stand has a pair of buttons on it. These emulate the texture change HUD that comes with all Raven Street products and, in this case, it'll change the texture of Black's dress. Feel free to use the buttons and scroll through the textures for her dress.

Over the next few weeks she'll be changing outfits to show off different dresses, so do drop in and see what she's up to. And, while you're there, do take Zanda for a ride too. He gets a little lonely, locked up in his little cage, so he really appreciates the attention.

Perhaps even take him over to see Black. Rumour has it he's got a bit of a thing for her. ;)


New release: Z&A Bench Cage

Following on from the big round of product releases earlier this week, we're now putting the product that was the party gift on sale. This release is the Z&A Bench Cage:

As always, it's available from the main store and the marketplace.

Raven Park chess set

A little earlier today we added a new game to Raven Park. For anyone who enjoys chess, we've now got a large set rezzed out:

As you can see, you'll find it between the En Garde game and the church ruins -- next to the Evelock Studio.