Two new cells and four new gags

This week (no, don't worry, releases haven't turned weekly, we've just been on a bit of a build binge) we're delighted to announce the release of six new products: two more cells and four new gags.

We got to thinking that, while we have many pretty cells, as well as a good number of grungy cells, we don't have anything that screams "fetish". With this in mind, we've built two padded latex cells:

Both are designed as seamless padded cells with no windows and, when closed, no visible door.

Following on from our new gag releases a couple or so weeks back, we've added four new forniphilic gags to our gag range. First off, for those who enjoy a smoking fetish, we have the ashtray gag:

For those subs and slaves who wish to be useful and light the way for their Mistress or Master, we have the candle gag:

For the romantic sub or slave, who wishes to impress with a simple single flower, we have the vase gag:

And, finally, for the sub or slave who wishes to keep their Mistress or Master dry when out and about, we have the umbrella gag:

As always, you'll find all of these items at our main store, or on the marketplace.

PS: Given the strain some of those gags will put on the victim's neck, you might want to consider a posture collar to help them. Which reminds us... it's Evelock's turn to release something now (and we would remind them that for every release they make we're managing six or more ;-) ).


Six new cells in the cell shop

Anyone who has been into the cell shop in the past 24 hours will have noticed that it's expanded again. Just the other week it expanded in depth to take nine new cells. This time around we've put in a mezzanine floor to allow even more cells to fit in.

And the cells that caused this further expansion? Well, this time, we've got a very solid and seamless looking metal cell:

We've got two smart and simple wood and concrete cells that would work really well in a clean and airy apartment setting:

For those who want a bit more space, and a rough outdoor look, we've got two more metal cells with heavy bars:

And, finally, we've got a rather goth-looking glass cell:

As always, you'll find all of these cells in the cell shop at our main store, and also on the marketplace.

PS: If we ignore yesterday's product announcement, we've managed, after a whole 24 hours, to return the release ball back to Evelock again. ;-)


It's almost that time of year again...

Looking around SL we're seeing a few sims turn white as particle snow falls... So we guess that's a sign that we should think about making a seasonal thing or two available.

First up, available only until Christmas, we've got a seasonal version of our Punishment Pickers. This one is, of course, a stocking to hang over your fireplace, or at the foot of your bed...

You'll find this on the marketplace and in our main store.

We've also decided to revive some gifts we made last year. So, also inside the main store...

...you'll find these two boards that, if you slap, will deliver you some Christmas RLV goodies:


Reminder: Three hunts on the go right now

Now that it's almost the weekend we thought you might like a reminder that, this weekend only, Z&A are in the rare position of being in three hunts at once (normally we're in one at a time). So why not pop down to our main store and see if you can find Z&A builds that are part of the following hunts:

And, don't forget, always keep an eye on our calendar because we always list the hunts we're taking part in on there (hint: we just added a new one for December).

Remember too that you can slap the boards for the hunts and get more information about them. They're all worth doing.


Couch Potato Hunt 2

Starting today, we're part of the Couch Potato Hunt 2. The hunt runs from today until the 15th of December.

This also means that, for the next week or so, we're in three hunts and that means there are three free Z&A products laying around the main store, just waiting to be found.

To find out more about this hunt, and the other two hunts too, just head down to our main store and slap the boards.

Happy hunting!


Nine new cells in the cell shop

It's not quite a month since we unveiled the new cell shop, and the new range of cells, at the start of The Femdom Hunt, but that hasn't stopped us experimenting and trying out different cell designs. Today we've released nine new cells into the (newly expanded -- really, we had to make it bigger) cell store, and we've also put the cell we built for The Femdom Hunt out for sale too.

As is the Z&A way, we've added a fun mix of different types of cells that will fit all sorts of styles of sim and role play.

For those times when you want a cell, but you don't necessarily want to be taking up too much space on the ground, we've created the Stilt Cell. This comes in three textures; wooden, rust and steel:

We've also added three more dungeon-oriented cells:

For those who might want something a little more "prison yard" or "urban", we have this metal cell made mostly of chicken wire:

If you're looking for something a little "softer" that might look good in a woodland area or a garden, we've added this wooden cell:

Also aimed at the garden is this cell which we built for The Femdom Hunt:

And, of course, no garden is complete without a greenhouse...

Now, sure, breaking out of a greenhouse cell isn't that tricky a prospect, but what sub or slave in their right mind would really break something so attractive?

As always, you'll find all of the above on the marketplace and also down at our main store. You can't miss the cell shop, it's off to the side overlooking the garden outside of the main building.


Cream Filled Hunt

Starting tomorrow Z&A are taking part in the Cream Filled Hunt. You can see more about this hunt on their website.

As you can see above, it runs from November 5th until November 26th. We've made something that we think is a very Z&A take on the theme of the hunt. ;-)


New month, new products

The last couple or so months have been pretty busy here at Z&A. Not only have we been involved in the usual collection of grid-wide hunts, we've also supported Beaumont Manor (sadly without a home for now) by putting together a talk and also supported The Velvet Thorn by building a few things for a mini-hunt they held. And then there was the thing where we launched a whole new line of products.

Oh, yeah, and arranged a little hunt of our own too. ;-)

Now that things have calmed down a little (well, not quite, we're still building fun things for upcoming hunts) we've turned our attention to a number of builds that have been sat around the workshop, waiting to be packaged and placed in the main store.

The first is a build we made that started life as a request from a customer who liked our shopping bags but who wanted something that related to the fact that they're a SL musician. We're so happy with this build that we just had to put it out for sale. So, for all you musical Dommes out there who need to make your subs useful, we give you the Z&A Roadie:

It works just like the shopping bags but, as you can see, the sub gets to carry a guitar or two, along with amps, a microphone (and stand) and other related items. Related to this, we've also released for sale the Z&A Pirate Booty we initially made for the Velvet Thorn Pirate Hunt:

As with the Z&A Roadie, this works like the shopping bags but has the submissive weighed down with pirate-related goodies.

We've also released three gags that we've been meaning to make available for some time now. Much like the hair sticks gag, these are designed to be affordable and fun:

Following on from our simple low-prim throne, we've decided to build a handful of other Femdom-related seating products. As with much of what we make we've designed these to be simple to use, affordable and as low-prim as possible. We've produced two more indoor items as well as three garden benches:

Finally, we've released some "traditional" Z&A products too. The first is the Z&A Arm Chain. This came about while building part of the garden for Raven Park earlier this year. It comes in both rust and chrome versions:

For anyone who wants to keep their sub/slave on their knees, probably outdoors somewhere, we've got the Z&A Kneeling Post:

And, finally, we've released the Z&A Leaning Cross:

As always, you'll find these products on the marketplace and also in our main store.