Lucky thrones

As one small part of our plans leading up to the start of our 4th year on the grid we're evaluating a new vendor system (yes, for those who have nagged and asked and politely suggested, part of the plan is to make affiliate boards available). One of the items that came with it was a lucky chair system.

Well, we say lucky chair, they look more like thrones to us. We just had to try that out didn't we? So, for the next few days at least (or, perhaps, for good), you'll find a couple of lucky chairs thrones in the main store:

The prizes are currently a random selection from our spankers, gags and carrying restraints.


The Raven Park Mansion

It's a little over a month since we dropped the new Raven Park Mansion into place and we're pleased to be able to finally announce that all the rooms are furnished and available for use. Because of this, we thought we'd post a very quick walk through of the Mansion and highlight the various rooms.

To get into the Mansion, from the Raven Park Landing point, just talk a walk up the stairs and through the main doors:

Once inside, to your right you'll find the Pod Prison:

The prison currently has space for seven inmates. Three are held in pods in the room itself (so they can be put on public display) and another four are held elsewhere in a room that, some say, is designed to use the inmates themselves to power the prison.

Next you'll find the Raven Park photo studio:

This is a fully working studio that can be used for individual, couples and group shots. This is made available for anyone to use.

Next along on the ground floor is the office:

The room contains a very comprehensive Mistress' desk (just click for a menu) and an airlock cage (very handy if you have multiple victims you need to deal with).

Finally, on the ground floor, we have the ballroom:

In here you'll find a dining table for two, a lounge with all sorts of couples animations and a piano that you're encouraged to climb all over (as with many items, touch for a menu). There's also a dance post provided for singles and couples dances.

Oh, and don't forget to have a good look at the chandelier. This is a Z&A build after all.

On the first floor of the mansion we have two play rooms that contain all kinds of dungeon furniture. One is designed to be rather smart-looking:

whereas the other is a lot more shabby:

We've also provided two bedrooms, both with beds with very comprehensive menus (which, we hope, contains scenes and animations for all tastes).

Up here you'll also find a pamper room that contains furniture that lets subs and slaves really look after their owners:

Finally, there's an entertainment lounge which contains a number of dance poles so Dommes can be entertained:

Be sure to touch the bar for a fun menu. And, again, that chandelier is worth paying attention to.

The Mansion is here for all to use. There's no cost. There's no group you need to join (although we do encourage joining Friends of Z&A to keep up with changes at Raven Park and Z&A). Just turn up and enjoy the build.

As always, if you have any questions about this or any other Z&A product or service, don't hesitate to drop is a line.


Raven Park Pony Area

In the past week we've had a minor move around of rental plots at Raven Park. In what's become a bit of a rare event for us, two plots came free but the space was very quickly snapped up. However, as part of the move around, we were left with a 1024 plot free. We did consider putting it back up for rent but, for now at least, we've decided to pull it into the main Raven Park plot and put a public play area on it.

So, as of today, Raven Park now has a small pony play area:

As well as the training circle you can see above you'll find a stable where you're free to keep your pony:

There's seating for the owners and handlers:

and for those who enjoy RLV and have a pony or two they need to keep locked up we've got a RLV paddock:

To find the pony area just land at Raven Park and take a walk past the pond or the cafe, over the bridge to the half of the region that contains the rental plots, and you'll find it there. Everyone is free to use the area, all we ask is that you keep in mind that you're surrounded by people's private homes. As always we require that you respect their privacy.

If you have any questions please contact Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar.


Take Zanda for a ride

Most people who've been to our main store will have met Zanda. He's the scripted agent (AKA "bot") who keeps an eye on things and hands out group invites when people request them from the invite boards. And, often, he helps demonstrate devices or just be helpful. After the past couple of years he's been locked on things and had things locked on him. For most of last year he's been the welcome mat at the foot of the stairs next to the landing point.

It seems, however, that Antony has decided to take pity on him (chances are it's something to do with how he spent his time in-world yesterday) and he's set things up so Zanda can see more of the shop. Sort of.

He's created a custom version of the cage trolley and put Zanda inside it:

It's set to public use so anyone who comes into the store can hop on and drive it, taking Zanda on a tour of the ground floor (trust us, getting up the stairs isn't quite so easy).

The trolley is set to return to its parking spot one minute after you get off it so you don't have to worry about returning it yourself.

If you drop in and Zanda's not there, but the trolley is... sorry about that. It's likely his connection to the grid has been lost. He'll return later so do come back and check if you fancy a go.

So, have fun with him while it lasts. We're sure he'll appreciate seeing more of the store.