Z&A Stables

Back in 2014 I released a fairly rare kind of Z&A product: one that doesn't involve RLV, in this case the Z&A Small Stable. It was called the "Small Stable", rather than just "Stable", as I thought I might get round to making a few variations on the theme. It's taken a while but a month or so backI had a need to build a double stable and, today, I'm releasing it for sale:

Mostly mesh (the floor is prim to save on those hover and rez issues that come with mesh flooring), it's a simple building that serves as a great place to keep your ponies, perhaps ideally mixed with the Z&A Hay Bale Bed, if you want to give them somewhere comfy (and RLV-enabled) to sleep.

The owner has access to a texture-change menu that gives control over the walls, wood, roof tiles and doors.

While making this I decided to revamp the original small stable too so it works in a similar way:

If you already own the small stable and would like to get a copy of this tweaked version just visit the store, touch the vendor for it (or, in fact, any vendor in the shop) and request redelivery. Please note that some earlier sales of this might not have been registered in the vendor system so if it doesn't offer you redelivery please don't hesitate to drop me a line and I'll sort that for you.

You can find both of these releases on display in the new product area of the main store, and both are also available on the Second Life marketplace (small, double).


Slutty Christmas dance

Yesterday afternoon was the last Raven Park dance of 2015, the theme being "Slutty Christmas". While it was, of course, a bit of a stretch for us all to slut it up a little, we seemed to manage. There's an album of photos over on imgur; here are some highlights:

And that's it for this year. Many thanks to Miss Eve for all the DJing she's done this year, and to everyone who joined us for the Raven Park and Femdom Hunt VI dances. Hopefully we'll see you again in 2016.

Another Z&A Christmas gift

A couple or so days ago the traditional Z&A RLV Christmas gifts went out, with the addition of the revamped Candy Display. This range has been expanded with another gift. This, again, is one of the very original gifts from 2010, dusted off and remade with the new device system; this needed to be done because we needed the prop for the Christmas dance and it seemed a shame not to share.

So here it is:

Ideal for hanging your stocking stuffed with your sub or slave.

As before, just head over to the main store and you'll find it under the Christmas tree.


Z&A Christmas gifts

Now that we're getting close to Christmas it's time to pull out the Z&A RLV Xmas gifts again. To add to the revamped tree, snowman and gift box from last year we've reworked and reintroduced the candy display as well:

You'll find them all around the foot of the tree in the Z&A main store. You can't miss them, just look for Zanda on your radar. ;)


Raven Park dance this Saturday

It's time for another Raven Park dance this Saturday and, given that it'll be the last one this year (as usual we're going to take a short break until January), and given the time of year, we thought we'd be a little bit festive again. While it was tempting to do the whole Gothic Christmas thing again we thought that, instead, it might be fun to make it a little more adult in theme.

So, the closing dance for Raven Park this year is...

Come dressed festive, but feel free to dress as slutty as you like (or as you're told). Or just come as you like, of course. The main thing is to come enjoy the music and chatter and say goodbye to 2015.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday December 12th
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr