Announcing.... The Femdom Hunt

Z&A Productions are happy to announce that we have decided to organise a Femdom-themed grid-wide hunt:

It's still early days -- only today did we create and make available the application form. We'll release more news as things develop. There is a blog that you can follow and an in-world group to join.


BDSM Hunt Sneak Peek

Just three days to go now until the start of the grid-wide BDSM hunt. We're really looking forward to it and we've just done the finishing touches on our builds for it.

Yes, builds. We've made more than one thing for this hunt. Here's the publicity photo for it:

Something for the dommes, the doms and the subs. And with a good dose of RLV in the latter (Antony already has the sub's gift in his #RLV folder and is eagerly anticipating Miss Vila finding it -- and, of course, he'll regret it when she does).

If you've not marked this on your calendar yet, you probably should. The last one had some great gifts and was a hoot to take part in, we expect this one will be at least as good.


Seventh Z&A Productions Group Gift

The seventh Z&A Productions group gift is now available from our main store. Just pop down, wear your "Friends of Z&A" group tag, and click on the vendor board. It looks like this:


January hunt news

The Christmas hunt is now over and we'd like to thank everyone who made it happen. Thanks also go to all the hunters who came hunting around our shop. We hope you liked the gift. We had a riot building it.

Next up, starting in the middle of this month, is the BDSM hunt:

As you can see, it's another short hunt, but if the last one is anything to go by it should be awesome. Our gift is already made and we're rather excited about it. It's a bit different for us, but very BDSM/fetish.