Raven Park snow day dance

Yesterday afternoon we gathered in the snow high above Raven Park and enjoyed a couple of hours of music and natter, while also tormenting a polar bear. You can find a full album of images over on Google Photos. There's some highlights:

Thanks to everyone who came along, and to Miss Eve for a couple of hours of great music. See you all in a couple of weeks!


Raven Park dance this Saturday

This Saturday it's time for another Raven Park dance and, given that in RL a few of us have had to put up with huge amounts of snow (by our standards), we thought we'd use the dance to get some relief from it all. The theme?...

Okay, fine, perhaps we are a little confused about the concept of "relief"! No mater, come join us for some fun in the snow and some great music from Miss Eve. Here's the details:

Date: Saturday March 10th
Time: 2pm to 4pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Z&A Submission HUD v1.11

I've just released v1.11 of the Z&A Submission HUD:

This release contains the following changes:

  • Added "Home" as an option in the "Send To" menu -- this gives you another quick way to send a submissive to the home location defined in the SubHUD (if one is defined).
  • Added "Here" as an option in the "Send To" menu -- this causes the submissive to be teleported to the location of the person using the menu. Handy to quickly pull your property to you. (while you can do this using normal TP offers anyway, it seemed to make sense to make it available in this menu too).
  • Added "Touch HUDs" as something to deny in the RLV restriction menu.
Updates are being sent out to all existing customers. If you miss the update you can use the redelivery board in the main store.


Z&A wood panel cell

New in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace is a cell build I've been meaning to make since something inspired the idea back in early January. The idea, the design, came from a need to make a cell that would look utterly seamless and, when in use, almost invisible. The feel being one of a place where someone could be locked away and forgotten about.

Given that it was coming up to Z&A's 8th birthday, and given that I wanted to make a build as a gift, I got to work. That build is now available for purchase:

Like some other Z&A cells, the build is designed to work best when you have a copy version, so that you can line a number of copies up side-by-side to create a seamless row of cells. The cell itself is built to a very regular size, allowing easy positioning on the build grid.

Of course, it's as secure as any other Z&A cell, and I think is the perfect secret location to keep your valuables.

The owner's menu has an option to select the style of the wood, allowing for two dark and two light wood options (each with different wood trim styles).

The cell is materials-enabled and will look best with advanced lighting turned on. You can find it in the new product section of the main store, where you're free to come and try it out. You'll also find it available for sale on the Second Life marketplace (just click on either of the vendor board images near the top of this blog post).


Z&A's 8th birthday party photos

Yesterday afternoon we had a bit of a bash at the Z&A main store, in celebration of Z&A being open and selling kinky RLV stuff on the grid for 8 years. There's an album of images over on Google Photos. Here are some highlights:

Many thanks to everyone who came along, and to Miss Eve for providing a couple of hours of brilliant music. Hope to see you all back on Raven Park in a couple of weeks.


Z&A's 8th birthday party

Around the time of writing, eight years ago, some money was exchanging hands and rent was paid on the very first Z&A shop. It was small. There wasn't much in it. But it was a start. That first year was very eventful but ended up with the product range growing, and the shops growing with it.

While the process of getting going was spread out over a few weeks, the "official" birthday for Z&A is the 24th of February (that's the day the first shop was properly open for business). As luck would have it, the cycle of Raven Park dances has come around to the point that we can actually hold Z&A's birthday party on Z&A's birthday!

And so, this Saturday, you're invited to come help me celebrate eight years of building kinky RLV stuff in Second Life:

There's no theme as such; just come dressed as you wish. Feel free to come dressed as "you", or very fetish, or very BDSM, or something. All that matters is that you come and help me celebrate eight years of being an active creator.

As a little thanks for joining me there will be a RLV gift. :)

Here's the details:

Date: February 24th 2018
Time: 2pm to 4pm SLT
Music by: Eve Terr


Raven Park fetish club dance

Yesterday afternoon we gathered in the entertainment lounge of the Raven Park Mansion to have a bit of a "fetish club" dance. There's an album of photos over on Google Photos. Here's some highlights:

Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such fun, and to Miss Eve for the excellent tunes. See you all in a couple of weeks for THE Z&A 8TH BIRTHDAY BASH!