Z&A Crotchless Catsuit

Following on from last week's release of the Gag Suit, I have another "restraint" that is based around rigged mesh clothing. This one, which contains versions for system and mesh bodies, is designed for humiliation play. Once locked on the key holder gets to control the colour and, more importantly, gets to hide or show the panties.

I call it the Crotchless Catsuit:

As mentioned above, the key-holder gets to select the suit colour, with 10 colour options available:

The colour choices can be applied to different parts of the catsuit, allowing for lots of combinations:

The key part, of course, is that the panties can be hidden or shown, placing the victim at your full mercy.

The suit also includes RLV control of inventory access and the ability to add/remove attachments and wear/remove clothing layers. That way you get to make sure they they don't try and cover their embarrassment.

The catsuit can be found on the Second Life marketplace, and in the new product section of the main store.


A Z&A gift over at ~AC

A couple of years back, Raven Park had a dance with a Rocky Horror theme. The costume that Anna made for us, for the dance, went on to become an ~AC product. That one product then turned into a small range, the last addition of which was released by her this weekend.

So, to help celebrate her finishing off that range of products, I thought it was time to drag out a product I've made available as a gift before (the last time at the Raven Park dance).

If you fancy a bit of Rocky Horror RLV role play, head over to Anna's shop and slap the box you'll find in a corner of the main room:

Once done, you should be all set for a night of murdering, cannibalistic, fetishistic, cross-dressing fun!


Z&A Gag Suit

Following on from April's release of the Z&A Chain Pants, I have another mesh body RLV restraint available. This release is in the form of a latex body suit and hood, the idea being that it's clothing that is used to restrict your ability to speak, and also your ability to hear things. Because the former was the primary idea behind it, I'm calling it the Z&A Gag Suit:

The suit is fitted mesh, designed for a range of mesh bodies. It goes without saying that you might need to tweak shapes to best fit some body and head combinations, and some use of alpha HUDs will likely be required. With this in mind there's a demo available on the marketplace (and in the main store) so you can test if it's right for you without needing to spend a single L$.

Restrictions in the suit include various levels of gagging in local chat (different levels of garble, right up to simply being denied the right to speak), and also control over the victim's ability to either start or send IMs. On the hearing side, the ability to hear local chat and to receive IMs is under the key-holder's full control.

Also under the key-holder's control is the colour of the suit. A range of 10 colours is available to choose from:

Just to make things even more fun, individual parts of the suit can be textured to really mix things up:

The suit relies heavily on advanced lighting so it goes without saying that you'll need to be using that to get the best of it.

The suit is the perfect item of clothing to help keep control of your latex-loving victims; mix it with something like the Z&A Contact Lenses and throw them in a Z&A Latex Cell and they'll really know who's in charge.

The Z&A Gag Suit can be bought for yourself, or gifted, via the Second Life marketplace or from the vendor board in the new product area of the main store.


Evelock birthday dance

Yesterday afternoon we headed over to the Evelock store to help Miss Eve celebrate seven years of being in business. There's an album of images over on Google Photos. Here are some highlights:

Congratulations to Miss Eve on another great year doing business on the grid!


Raven Park pride dance

Yesterday afternoon we gathered in an outdoor wedding venue high above Raven Park and had a bit of a pride-themed dance. You can find a full album of images over on Google Photos. Here are some highlights:

Thank you to Miss Eve for a wonderful couple of hours of music, and to everyone who came along and made it such fun. Hopefully we'll see you all in a couple of weeks time!


Raven Park dance this Saturday

We're back! Yes, after the short break a couple of weekends ago, we're back with the Raven Park dance. This time around, given what month it is, and given it'll be pretty much half way through the month, we thought we'd go with...

We'd be delighted if you could come and join us for all things pride-related. The venue itself will be an outdoor wedding type of affair, so feel free to dress for such an occasion, or just dress how you like and enjoy a couple of hours of Miss Eve's excellent musical choices.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday June 16th
Time: 2pm to 4pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Raven Park serial killers dance

Yesterday afternoon we all gathered in a kill room, high above Raven Park, and enjoyed some amazing tunes by Miss Eve. You can find a collection of photos from the dance over on Google Photos. Here's some highlights:

Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such fun. See you all in a couple of weeks time!