Z&A Sight Control

Time for another new product and, this time, I'm straying away from the recent round of RLV clothing and am releasing a simple yet effective restraint. I'm calling this the Z&A Sight Control.

The Z&A Sight Control is a visor that, as the name suggests, gives the dominant control over the sub/slave's sight. While it contains the usual sight-related restrictions (in-world hover text, names, the mini map, the world map and the location name are all under control), its main emphasis is on how the victim sees the world itself.

Using this device the dominant can colour and texture the victim's world any way they want. So, if you want your property to wander the grid, seeing nothing but the word "Slut" everywhere...

...the Sight Control has that covered! What's more, if anyone looks carefully at the visor, they can get some idea of how the world looks to the victim:

Sight Control comes with a good number of built-in textures to get you started, each of which is designed to annoy or humiliate the wearer, or simply make their world look odd:

The key-holder isn't just restricted to the textures that come built into the Sight Control. There's also the ability to set up to 9 custom textures:

This means the dominant can do things like add their own profile picture:

Or even the logo for their favourite kinky RLV shop!

Doubtless there are people on the grid who can think of even far more evil uses. ;-)

The Z&A Sight Control is available right now on the Second Life marketplace.


All moved in

As mentioned last month, I've scaled back my in-world presence and intend to concentrate mostly on selling via the marketplace. But, as I mentioned at the time, I'm not completely abandoning in-world sales. I understand how important it is to let people actually play with samples of the products they're considering buying.

Last week, in the Z&A group, I announced the new location. And, today, after knocking the initial build around a bit (adding two new floors, stairs, etc, as you do in-world), I've finally got something I'm calling "finished" (for "and now I'll tinker for weeks" values of "finished").

Each floor has samples of products to be tested. On the ground floor you'll find all the RLV vehicle rezzers, so you can grab a vehicle and take it for a spin. On the first floor you'll find a handful of cells so you can try out how Z&A cells work. On the second floor you'll find a small collection of RLV hold/display devices to play with -- again the idea being you can play with samples and get a feel for how my products work.

Hopefully, combined with my marketplace store, you'll still be able to find everything you want. And, as always, I welcome people dropping me a line if they need help with something.


Time for a change

It's just over eight years since Z&A's main store moved to Shackles, and getting on for seven years since Z&A took over the whole region and started Raven Park as a playground and created Raven Park Rentals. It's been a wonderful time, and a great place to build, play, meet people, have dances, etc.

Much has changed in that time, including my real life circumstances. The latter, for very positive personal reasons, means that it's harder for me to run and maintain a whole region. So, sadly, it's time for me to retire Raven Park and the current Z&A main store.

Don't worry though: Z&A isn't going away, I'm not closing down or anything. My plan, which is under way as I type this, is to concentrate more on the Second Life marketplace and to keep a smaller in-world store, over on the mainland (I'm kitting that out at the moment and will announce it once this is done).

So, to be clear: the marketplace will remain unaffected. There will still be an in-world store to visit (with an emphasis on allowing people to test out the vehicles -- and this might be even more fun because it's a roadside plot, which will give you the whole of Zindra to drive around!). The affiliate programme will carry on as normal.

I'm still going to be in Second Life and supporting my products and making more stuff. It's business as normal, just with less land.

As for when this is all happening: the plan is that the move of Z&A will happen around the 27th of January; although please expect works to take place around the Raven Park playground earlier than that. Because there's a lot to deal with I'm likely to start taking things in and tidying things up on Raven Park itself starting today (20th of January).

Of course, once things have happened, once things have moved, I'll send out further notices to let everyone know and point everyone in the right direction.

If anyone has any concerns or questions about any of this, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Best wishes,
Antony/Toni Fairport
Z&A Productions


Z&A Expulsion Suit

New year and time for a new release (the first in a couple of so months, as it happens). While it does sort of follow on with the recent theme of RLV-enabled clothing, this is very much about harsh RLV restrictions and heavy control. The Z&A Expulsion Suit comes in both female and male versions and is a whole-avatar fitted mesh product:

Designed to look like a fully-encasing latex suit and helmet, it fully-restricts the wearer's ability to interact with the world around them. The primary feature is control of their ability to speak. By default the wearer is permitted to only answer with "yes", "no" or "?" type replies, and the only way they can convey those replies is via lights built into the suit (plus a suitable related sound).

The wearer still has to type our their replies, and they are turned into brief displays of light and the related sound. Again, by default, if they say "yes" a green light will show; if they so "no" a red light will show; any other attempt to say something will result in a yellow light.

Just to make things even more evil, the key holder can define the phrases that need to be typed for the "yes" and "no" displays to happen.

So, if you want your victim to have to type "My Mistress has been kind and permitted me to say yes" every time they wish to reply with a "yes".... set it to that and that's what they need to type. Even better, they can't know what the phrase is unless you tell them -- if you really wanted to make their life difficult you could just give them a little clue and leave them to work it out.

Of course, if you just want to deny them the ability to speak at all, in any way, that option is available too.

As well a controlling speech, other control options are available, including controlling what they can hear, what they can see around them, and what sort of inventory access they have.

Under the heading of "seeing", as well as being able to deny their ability to see things like names and in-world hover text, there's also control over their environment too (note that such control does require that the user has atmospheric shaders turned on -- most people generally do). Such control allows you to make their environment very dark.

To make things even more frustrating, the vision control system can also remove the victim's ability to see most colour and texture in-world.

I think that all of these features can be nicely combined to fully control and harshly punish any deserving wearer.

Both the female and male versions are full-body fitted mesh and both come with a full-body alpha too. Each package includes versions optimised for various mesh bodies, and any and all of them will work with any shape. The idea being that you find one that works best with your chosen shape and go with that.


Z&A Harness Shirt

This week I'm releasing another restraint-based product that, like the Crotchless Catsuit, is mesh clothing and is aimed at public humiliation. As well as being colour-change latex fetishwear, it also has a removable component that renders the victim mostly topless. I'm calling it the Z&A Harness Shirt:

As mentioned above, the key-holder gets to select the colour of the shirt, with 10 options available:

The colour choices can be applied to different parts, including the shirt, harness and epaulettes:

The key part, of course, is how the shirt can be hidden or shown, placing the victim at your full mercy:

The shirt also includes RLV control of inventory access and the ability to add/remove attachments and wear/remove clothing layers. That way you get to make sure they they don't try and cover their embarrassment.

The shirt can be found on the Second Life marketplace, and in the new product section of the main store.


Z&A Crotchless Catsuit

Following on from last week's release of the Gag Suit, I have another "restraint" that is based around rigged mesh clothing. This one, which contains versions for system and mesh bodies, is designed for humiliation play. Once locked on the key holder gets to control the colour and, more importantly, gets to hide or show the panties.

I call it the Crotchless Catsuit:

As mentioned above, the key-holder gets to select the suit colour, with 10 colour options available:

The colour choices can be applied to different parts of the catsuit, allowing for lots of combinations:

The key part, of course, is that the panties can be hidden or shown, placing the victim at your full mercy.

The suit also includes RLV control of inventory access and the ability to add/remove attachments and wear/remove clothing layers. That way you get to make sure they they don't try and cover their embarrassment.

The catsuit can be found on the Second Life marketplace, and in the new product section of the main store.


A Z&A gift over at ~AC

A couple of years back, Raven Park had a dance with a Rocky Horror theme. The costume that Anna made for us, for the dance, went on to become an ~AC product. That one product then turned into a small range, the last addition of which was released by her this weekend.

So, to help celebrate her finishing off that range of products, I thought it was time to drag out a product I've made available as a gift before (the last time at the Raven Park dance).

If you fancy a bit of Rocky Horror RLV role play, head over to Anna's shop and slap the box you'll find in a corner of the main room:

Once done, you should be all set for a night of murdering, cannibalistic, fetishistic, cross-dressing fun!