Z&A Sub HUD update and two new products

A couple or so weeks ago a Z&A Submission HUD user asked if it might be possible to add a "leash to spot" option to the follow/leash system -- the idea being that the victim would be held in or close to a spot without the need to be leashed (visible or otherwise) to a specific object or avatar. Today we're releasing v1.3 of the retail version of the SubHUD with just such a feature added:

As with the other two leash modes this new one is also affected by the timer that was added in v1.2. This means you can drop your sub/slave at a specific location, make sure they can't wander away and then set a timer, after which they'll be able to leave.

This update is currently being sent out to all customers who have previously purchased the retail version of the HUD. If you don't get your update, or accidentally dismiss the inventory offer, just head over to our main store and touch the relevant vendor board and request a redelivery.

Today we're also releasing "reboots" of two of our older products. First off we have the Z&A Doormat:

This is designed as a welcome mat that you can lock your sub/slave on and walk all over them as you enter or leave your home. Now with just a land impact of 1, and built with all the features of our newer display device system, it's the perfect way to dress up your front door. The owner's menu contains an option for selecting from 1 of 8 mat designs (and, of course, it has modify permission so you can retexture it yourself if you wish).

The doormat is available from the main store, the Second Life marketplace and PrimBay. A copy-permission version is also available from the main store or from PrimBay.

The second product to get a "reboot" is the Z&A Quadripod:

Again, now built with all the advantages of the new script system, it also contains more poses. A perfect way to keep your victim hanging around in your garden.

The Quadripod is available from our main store, the Second Life Marketplace and PrimBay. A copy-permission version is also available from our main store and on PrimBay.


Anniversaries dance

Yesterday afternoon we had our Raven Park "anniversaries" dance, celebrating two years of Raven Park Rentals, two years of the Evelock Studio on Raven Park, and the wedding of Eve to Paris. We have a full album of photos taken during dance, and here's a few highlights:

Thank you to everyone who came along, and thank you to Eve for putting together a great set. And, of course, congratulations to Eve and Paris!

See you all in two weeks.


Madame Lizbeth

Yesterday we were saddened to hear that Madame Lizbeth, founder and owner of TMS, had passed away. Our thoughts and condolences are with her family and friends in both first and Second Life.

Lizbeth played a very important part in the early days of Z&A, discovering us just after we’d opened our third (and what was possibly going to be, after having the locations of the first two close in quick succession, our final) shop. Her first shopping trip, accompanied by her friends and boys, is still seen by us as a significant event in our growth and evolution.

From that time on she was a great source of encouragement, inviting us to open a small shop at TMS, commissioning us to build gifts for TMS members when the TMS anniversary came around and generally pointing people in our direction.

She was also a great supporter of the idea of The Femdom Hunt. Each hunt ran a lot smoother thanks to Lizbeth and her fellow hunters from TMS getting out the moment the hunt started, helping to shake things down, find any glitches and generally help get the spirit of the hunt under way.

We know that the stories of Lizbeth’s influence and impact on the femdom community in Second Life will be many and varied and we felt that it was important that we shared ours. We will always be grateful to her for the encouragement she gave us.

She will be deeply missed.

Zardia Avindar/Vila Pixelmaid
Antony Fairport


Dance this Saturday

We're having another Raven Park dance this Saturday and, this time, it's a bit special, for at least three reasons. First of all it's the weekend closest to the anniversary of Z&A having a really long chat about the fact that the other half of the sim was going up for rent -- a long chat that resulted in Raven Park Rentals being born.

This also means that it's the anniversary of the creation of the Evelock Studio, which went on to become the Evelock Main Store. Eve snapped up one of the Raven Park plots before we'd even had a chance to finalise our plans for Raven Park and launch the rentals.

Which also brings us to the third and most important thing about this weekend: Eve's getting married to Paris! Crazily she's also still going to be filling her role as Raven Park's DJ that day. And we've done nothing to dissuade her. ;)

So, we'd be delighted if you could come and join us in celebrating Raven Park related anniversaries old and in the making. We'll be carrying the feel and theme of Eve's wedding over to the dance so, ideally, think 1950s cocktail party. If that's a little too tricky think cocktail party in general.

Mainly though think you being there: that's what matters most.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday March 22nd
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

Five new products

Today we're releasing a new restraint and also a reboot of another two of our very first builds, done as mesh (so with lower land impact) and with the new script system.

First off we have the Z&A Arm Ropes:

Designed to look awkward and potentially humiliating, with wrists bound to upper arms, they're built to RLV-control touch, editing, and building (as well as flying and running -- nobody in their right mind would run with their arms bound like that, right?).

You can find this in the new product section in our main store as well as on the Second Life Marketplace and on PrimBay.

Next we have a reboot of two products that were part of our very first set of releases back in February 2010. First there is the Z&A Wall Chains done in both rust and steel versions to match the new light and dark dungeon range:

And if you don't want to give your captives the luxury of sitting down, we have the Z&A Single Wall Chain:

You'll also find these in the new product display section in the main store as well as on the marketplace and on PrimBay. For those who might want to full a dungeon with them there's copy-permission versions available in the main store too.


Z&A Nipple Pins

Today we're introducing another nipple-based leashable restraint. This time, like with the nipple rings, it's a piercing -- of sorts. Given that we had the safety pin gag it made sense that the pins could also be used further down. And so the Z&A Nipple Pins happened:

Just the thing when an impromptu nipple piercing and leashing needs to happen.

You can find this new product in our main store, on the Second Life marketplace and on PrimBay.


Cyberpunk dance

Although some form of science fiction has been a very common theme for Raven Park dances we seem to have somehow avoided it so far this year. Yesterday we put that right with our Cyberpunk-themed dance. There's a full album of photos available, and here's a few highlights:

We'll be back in two weeks with a pretty special dance. It's the weekend closest to the anniversary of the opening of Raven Park Rentals and the Evelock Studio. More importantly our DJ will have got married a little earlier in the day!