No theme dance

Yesterday's Raven Park dance was a no-themed dance, held in the Abbey. Unfortunately RL had higher than usual demands on me this weekend so keeping things simple made a lot of sense. So we just dressed how we wanted and Miss Eve took requests; only outright refusing to play one of them (one day Squish! One day!).

As always, there's an album of photos from the event. Here's a small selection from them:

To add to the photos, here's a few videos too:

Many thanks to all who came along, and for Miss Eve for keeping us entertained with some great tunes. Hopefully see you all in a couple of weeks time!


Z&A Wall Clock

This week there's another Z&A release that, while providing all the usual RLV-based hold and display abilities, also acts as something generally useful. It's called the Z&A Wall Clock:

It's a fully working clock with 2 faces, designed to be mounted on a wall. The owner menus allow you to set an offset so you can have the clock display times other than the time in Second Life (just remember that it's just an offset from SL's time -- so any daylight saving differences that come and go will need your adjustment). The clock faces also have a backlight which can be set to always on, always off or to only come on when the SL Sun is down on the region. There is also the option to set the face to appear clean or dirty.

As for the "victim", they can be dangled in a number of different ways and directions:

As always, this product is available for viewing and testing in the new product section of the main store, and it can also be purchased on the Second Life marketplace. If you'd prefer a copy permission version you can also find that available in the main store.


Dance this Saturday

As has happened a couple or so times before, this Saturday, we'll be taking a weekend off from having a "theme" for the Raven Park dance. I'm going to be mostly busy in RL at the weekend so getting a set together could be tricky. Instead we'll just gather in the Raven Park Abbey, hang out, natter and dance to Miss Eve's tunes.

Here's the full details:

Date: Saturday June 27th
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Z&A Wardrobe

While many Z&A products are very obviously bondage equipment, others try and be a little less obvious while offering all the same benefits. This new product very much aims to fall into the latter category. Designed to fit in with the other chestnut-textured items it's the Z&A Wardrobe:

The menu allows for the opening and closing of the doors so you can easily show off, or hide away, your property; there are also a number of poses that they can be placed in.

If you'd like to try this product out for size you'll find it in the new product section of the main store; it's also available from the Second Life marketplace. If you'd prefer a copy-permission version you'll also find that available in the main store.


Mad Max dance

With yesterday's Raven Park dance we headed off into a post-apocalyptic wasteland and had fun with the Mad Max films. Everyone dressed for a dystopian future and Miss Eve provided a rocking musical set to go with it. There's an album of photos over on imgur; here's a few highlights:

As well as photos we've also got some videos:

Many thanks to everyone who came along and took part, and to Miss Eve for some great music. See you all in a couple of weeks!