Five new products

Sometimes, as with the release of our popular sci-fi cells, a one-off build will lead to another. A couple of weeks ago this happened again. After being asked if we'd make a cell that'd work well on a sandy island/beach setup, we got to thinking that it shouldn't stand alone as a build in that style. And so another build to go with it happened.

Today we'd delighted to announce the release of the Z&A Palm Tree:

We think it'll be the perfect place to relax on a beach, nice and shady, while your sub or slave gets to have some time out of their cell. As well as containing a full RLV device (the palm tree itself) it comes with a beach mat that contains six poses for the Domme.

Today we're also releasing the "Z&A Bend Over Floor Plates". These are very secure and handy anchor points that should help those in need of punishment to "assume the position":

Finally, we are also releasing the first in what will be a line of "reboots" of some of our very original builds. These will be remade, from scratch, with the all new scripts and all in mesh and as low on land impact as possible. This project to "reboot" our early days starts with the Z&A Turntable:

Over the next weeks and months other builds, inspired by our original builds, will appear as these new product ranges grow.


Dance this Saturday

This Saturday sees us hosting another Raven Park dance. As usual the music will be provided by Eve Terr and, this time, she's also building a special venue for the event. And she seems to be rather enjoying it. Perhaps a little too much:

If the reports we're getting are true it seems she's raising her own army of the living dead. Seems we might need your help to defeat it and keep Raven Park the attractive home of the living we all know and love. So, you get the theme? That's right, it's:

Zombie Apocalypse!

No matter if you like your zombies fast or slow. No matter if you're more Romero or Pegg. No matter if you're a survivor or one of the walking dead. Come join us, listen to two hours of the best metal (did we mention it'll be a metal zombie apocalypse? Of course the music will be metal. What else would you listen to as you blast zombies? Or even if you are a zombie), and possibly battle zombie hordes.

Also, as a bonus, for the duration of the dance we're relaxing Raven Park's "no weapons" rule. If you're coming as a survivor, feel free to come armed to the teeth.

Don't forget though, for the duration, other rules do apply.


Date: Saturday June 1st
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

See you there. If not, you might end up locked up in a mall. And that never ends well.


Steampunk Dance

Yesterday's Raven Park dance, with its Steampunk theme, was loads of fun. This time we had a slightly different venue again (normally we use the Femdom Cafe, although we have used the Mansion ballroom once) after Somehow Peccable and Emma Sunshine (of Drow Science and Sunshine Technology) donated a copy of their amazing Prometheus-Class Steampunk Aircraft Carrier:

Emma was also kind enough to put out and configure a copy of their not-quite-released-yet helitaxi. This meant that anyone landing at Raven Park could jump in the vehicle and be carried up to the carrier:

Real fun and a rather classy way to get to the dance.

As for the dance itself... here's a few photos:

As always, we'd like to thank Eve Terr of Evelock for providing the music. And, again, special thanks go to Some and Emma for the floating venue. See over here for more details about the build.


Dance this Saturday

This Saturday we'll be having another Raven Park dance. After the last dance's little detour to the Z&A main store, to help celebrate the unveiling of the new main store, we're back over to Raven Park itself (final venue to still be decided -- we'll release details before the day and, anyway, it'll be obvious where we are).

The theme this time around is...


So, think Victorian, mad science, over-engineering, rugged, or even plain smart. And, yes, whatever your outfit, just stick some gears on it if you must. ;)

If you're still stuck for ideas or inspiration, perhaps wander over and have a read of Dr. Some's ABC of Steampunk.

As always, music will be provided by Eve Terr of Evelock fame.

Date: Saturday 18th May
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

Hope to see you there.

Five new products

Today we've expanded our petite collection a little more, with petite versions of a couple of recent new builds. First we have versions of the inverted head box:

And also petite versions of the wooden horse:

As well as expanding the petite range, we're also adding another cell to our range of RLV cells. It's been a while since we last released a cell and, until last week, we didn't have any plans for any more cell builds any time soon. However, we received a special request for this sort of design and.... well, here it is:

All bamboo, driftwood and thatch. Just the thing for those who need a cell to go under their palm trees. ;)

As always, you'll find these new releases in our main store and on the marketplace.


New shop dance

Yesterday's dance to celebrate the new shop was loads of fun and we'd like to thank everyone who came along. Here's a few photos:


Four new products, a new shop and a dance

Today has been a very busy day at Z&A, and it's not over yet. First off, we're delighted to announce the release of four new products. The first two are variations on a set of ceiling and floor chains. As well as being mesh and low land impact, we've also designed them so they will fit most house (or dungeon) ceiling heights. In the owner's setup menu there's an option that lets you raise and lower the top point so you can easily fit it. Of course, it's also mod so you can make it "just so" if you wish.

The other two products are two variations on a device that should make any victim regret the actions they're being punished for. We call it the inverted head box:

As usual, you'll find these new products on our marketplace store, in the main store and via many of our affiliate locations.

And, talking of the main store... Before we could release the above, something had to happen. The shop that has served us well for just over a year had got full. There was no space left for any new products. That means, today, we took this:

Did this:

Resulting in this:

And then, after dropping the new shop out of the sky, and spending many hours moving lots of stock around, we ended up with this:

There's still some work to do. While all the stock is in place and we are open for business there's lots of cosmetic tweaks we want to make and, as usual, there's a whole load of landscaping to do still. But, for today at least, that's it. Because, at 4pm SLT today we're having a dance in the main store.

Yes, that's right, in the main store. See, we've got lots more room now. So much so that, at the moment, we've got a whole floor that's empty. So we've done this with it:

All that's missing is you, at 4pm SLT, joining us for a dance and friendly banter and, hopefully, a look around the new store. And, if you do come, there'll be a free gift too. A fully-working RLV device that we've made especially for the dance.

Date: Saturday 4th May
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Music by: Eve Terr