Raven Park dance this Saturday

This Saturday it's time for another Raven Park dance and, this time around, it's going to be a celebration the birthday of Raven Park's resident set builder and Antony-nagger. Yes, it's almost Anna's birthday!

Now, obviously, a gentleman never reveals a lady's age and Antony is a complete gentleman. As such he's going to be very careful and not let on at all.

As for the theme... We're going all Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

Disclaimer: This choice has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHICH BIRTHDAY IT IS.

So, no matter if all you have is your dressing gown, electronic thumb, towel or just a couple of pints and some peanuts.... do try and grab a lift and come over to Raven Park to help Anna celebrate a deeply meaningful birthday.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday September 3rd
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Broken dolls dance

Yesterday afternoon we gathered as a collection of broken dolls, in the Raven Park attic, and and enjoyed lots of fun natter and the brilliant tunes of Miss Eve. There's an album of photos over on imgur; here are some highlights:

Many thanks to Miss Eve for a great selection of music, and to Miss Anna for another seriously fun build in which to dance. Hope to see you all in a couple of weeks!


Z&A Concrete Cage

New in the main store and on the Second Life Marketplace is another cell that, as with the Custody Block, is designed to work as both a stand-alone cell and also as part of a seamless row of cells. This one is called the Concrete Cage:

The design is one where there are three concrete walls (with a choice of concrete textures in the owner setup menu) and bars that make up the front and the ceiling (also with a choice of metal textures for the owner). The cell has no visible or physical floor, designed to work with your cell room's floor.

If you purchase multiple transfer versions or, ideally, purchase the copy version, the cell is designed to easily and seamlessly line up with a viewer's "snap to grid" movement so you can create a row of cells.

The cell's config menu also has options to hide (visibly, not physically) either of the left or right walls to help with such a build (ensuring there's no chance of texture-flash when the cells are snapped against each other).

Whatever your choice of situation for the cell, I think it'll make the perfect secure and moody location to keep your special guests.

Many thanks to Anna for helping set this scene up.

You can find the cell for viewing and testing in the new product section of the main store, and the transfer and copy versions can be found on the Second Life Marketplace (just click on the vendor board images above to be taken to the listings).


Dance this Saturday

This Saturday it's time for another Raven Park dance and, this time, we're back to builds in the sky and costume themes (if you want to -- we don't mind if you come as you are). This week's theme is:

Dig out the ball joints, cracked paint, scary eyes and creepy stare and come join us for a great collection of tunes from Miss Eve.

Here's the full details:

Date: Saturday August 20th
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


No theme dance

Yesterday we gathered in the Raven Park Abbey for a dance with no particular theme; although Miss Eve did weave a significant and important theme through the track titles -- one we all tried hard to guess. There is an album of photos from the dance over on imgur; here are some highlights:

Thank you to everyone who came along, and to Miss Eve for a brilliant and entertaining set.Hopefully we'll see you all again in a couple of weeks.


Z&A Avi-Look HUD

The Z&A Marketplace contains a good few free tools -- as much as I love making RLV-based items I also like to share any little tools I make for my personal amusement, or to make SL a little more fun or easier. One such tool I made a couple of years back was the Avatar Height HUD. Partly made out of curiosity, also partly made as a tool that could be useful for region owners, it did what it said: it let you check the height of avatars around you.

In the past few days I've rewritten it so that it's a slightly more general purpose tool. It's now called the Z&A Avi-Look HUD:

It allows you to pull up a list of up to 50 avatars who are on the same region as you, and then when you select an avatar it lets you quickly inspect a few key bits of information about them:

As well as height, you can also see their script memory and time, their render weight (as reported by the server) and also get a list of all their non-HUD attachments, showing who created them and where they are attached.

The main list of avatars can be configured so that it's sorted in a few different ways. While it is mostly going to be useful to sort by distance from you, there's other options if you're trying to quickly track someone down a different way:

You can find this HUD freely available on the Second Life Marketplace as well as in the free product section of the Z&A main store.


Dance this Saturday

This Saturday it's time for another Raven Park dance and, as happens from time to time, RL will be a little too busy to allow Anna and Antony (well, mostly Anna, Antony just aligns prims and stands around looking pretty) to get a build in place. So, once again, we're going with a good old no-theme dance.

We'd love it if you could join us, dressed (or undressed) how you wish, in the Raven Park Abbey, where we'll enjoy a couple of hours of natter, laughs and Miss Eve's usual amazing collection of tunes.

Here's the full details:

Date: Saturday August 6th
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr