Two new vehicles

It's been a while since we added to the Z&A range of RLV-enabled vehicles so we're delighted to announce that, today, we're adding two more to the range.

The first is sure to be very helpful on those busy regions where slaves need transporting around. It's a quad bike complete with RLV-capture cage on the back:

The second gives covered compact comfort. Well, for the driver anyway. As for where the RLV-captured and locked "victim" goes... let's just say you have to come try it out to get the full effect. ;)

You can come and try out both of these vehicles, and all the others that are available, at our vehicle test track at the main store.

For those who would like to make the vehicles available for public use on their plots or regions we, of course, also have the rezzer versions too (in the pack you get a copy rezzer as well as a copy of the vehicle for your own use):

As well as via vendors at the test track you'll also find the vehicles available in our main store, on the Second Life marketplace and at many affiliate locations.


Raven Park Dance this Saturday

This Saturday we're having another one of our regular irregular dances at Raven Park.

After the horrific events of the Firefly-themed dance a couple of weeks ago (the dance was lots of fun, the horror was poor Antony getting into trouble with both Miss Vila and Miss Eve because it was apparently his idea and they couldn't find anything to wear...) the decision over the dress theme was left to the ladies of the region.

The theme is....

Come join us, ideally dressed appropriately (there's a lot of scope there, we think), this Saturday:

Date: Saturday 20th April
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: The Femdom Cafe, Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Six new products

After the recent releases of gags, petite builds and gadgets, we're delighted to be adding to our new mesh device range. Today sees the release of six new products in that range:

You can find these products on the Second Life marketplace (just click on the images above to get to their listings), in our main store or at many of our affiliate locations.


We're having a shindig

Anyone who knows Antony will know that he has a mild Firefly addiction. While this doesn't show too much in-world (there's the odd t-shirt, and an outfit he's been looking for a reason to wear for ages) he'll happily bang on about how awesome the show is given half a chance.

Recently he managed to get his Mistress hooked too. This became very apparent when, in conversation, she said that we should have a Firefly-themed dance at Raven Park at some point.

Given that Eve Terr of Evelock is also a fan, and there was talk about having a dance this weekend, the inevitable happened:

We'd be delighted if you could join us. All we ask is that you try and dress somewhat on the theme of Firefly. Which is easy enough. Think Western. Or Chinese. Or spacey. Or spacey Chinese western. Or, if you like, something with ruffles:

Or even naked:

It's all shiny.


Feather Duster Gag

It's about nine months since we last released a gag of any sort and recently there's been no real plans to make any more (we're far too busy with a huge build we're having loads of fun with). However, Eve Terr (of Evelock fame) made a special request for a certain kind of gag, and she said that she wanted it to be a very Z&A style for it.

How could we say no?

So we're delighted to announce the release of the Z&A Feather Duster Gag:

As always, you can find this product in our main store (you'll find it with all the other gags, on the ground floor, on the back wall), on the Second Life marketplace and also via affiliate boards in-world.