The Dirty Turkey Hunt 2.0

Starting tomorrow, here at Z&A, we're taking part in The Dirty Turkey Hunt 2.0.

There should be all sorts of depraved goodies available on this hunt. If you want to find out more about it either visit the hunt's blog or pop down to Z&A and check the board.


Last weekend to grab spooky gifts

Just a reminder that this weekend is your last chance to grab our spooky gifts for this year:

There's two Halloween-themed RLV restraints there, and two Halloween-themed Z&A capture-and-hold toys. Just pop down to our main store and touch any of the boards.


Tonight, We're the Candyman

This evening, in SL, there's a party (well, two parties) that caught our eye, over at The Velvet Thorn:

Now... Antony's Mistress has a bit of a thing for Rocky Horror and he's a thing he shares with her so, as they were shopping for outfits yesterday he got distracted for a moment, while looking at lots of images from the movie, and he realised that there was a build that had to be done. Given that Z&A have recently launched a range of cells, it made perfect sense to build a freezer cell! So, a bit of prim-throwing later, and a quick chat with Miss Eve to see if there might be some interest in the build....

So, if you go to VT for either RHPS dance this evening, be sure to drop in on our vendor location in the mall there and grab yourself a free Z&A cell.


New Products, a Hunt and some Freebies

It's all happening here at Z&A today. As most people will know, today sees the start of The Femdom Hunt II. This is a grid-wide hunt organised by us. It takes in over 70 locations, contains well over 70 gifts, and will also take you on a visit of some of Second Life's Femdom locations (and lots of stores too).

So, if you fancy getting hold of a great collection of Femdom-themed gifts please do come down to Z&A and head out on the hunt.

On top of that, given the time of year it is, we've also put out some Halloween-themed gifts. We've revived the two gifts we made last year (which were used to great effect in a photo shoot with the 24/7 Restricted group) and have added two more. Just pop into the main store and look on the side wall:

And, finally, we've also got very exciting news. Over the past few weeks we've been working on a brand new product range, something we've never done before. At first we weren't sure when we'd release it to the grid but coinciding with The Femdom Hunt seemed like a great idea. Z&A Productions are delighted to announce the release of a range of RLV-enabled cells.

The initial product range has 16 different designs. We like to think they're all very Z&A. There are far too many to show in this blog entry so we'd like to invite you to come down to the main store and look inside the new cell shop.

Of course, the new range of cells is also available on the marketplace.


Strange things are afoot at Z&A

Something odd is happening at Z&A. A whole new building turned up over night!

There doesn't seem to be anything in it yet...

...but it surely can't stay that way for long. Perhaps it has something to do with The Femdom Hunt II? Or something else?