Dance this Saturday

It's well over a year and a half now since Raven Park survived the zombie apocalypse so, while everyone else is likely doing bunny themes (not that we'd ever do that, oh no!), we thought it was a good weekend to fight off the...

So no matter if your thing is being a zombie or a zombie-killer, come join us kitted out to suit your taste. Expect actual zombie invasions, and loud music. Lots of loud music. And zombies.

Date: Saturday April 4th
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Log cabin cell

Sticking with an outdoor theme for cells, this week's release might work well deep in some woodland or in some sort of mountainous terrain. For obvious reasons it's called the Log Cabin cell:

You'll find a copy of this cell out in the new product area of the main store and, of course, it's available from the Second Life marketplace. If you'd prefer a copy-permission version that too is available from the main store. Do feel free to pop down and try it out for size.


Stargate dance

Yesterday afternoon we had a Stargate-themed dance at Raven Park. As always, photos were grabbed and an album of them can be found on imgur. Here's a few highlights:

Sadly we didn't get any incoming gate travel, but a fun time was had anyway. Many thanks to everyone who came, and to Miss Eve for a very Stargate-themed set.


Two new products

Much like last week, this week it isn't all cells. There is a cell, of course, and it's one of the biggest Z&A cells there is. Designed as a sort of bunker that might be found hidden away in the woods somewhere, a bit damp, a bit run down, covered in ivy. It's called the Ivy Bunker:

As well as having plenty of space to keep your property captive there's also access to the roof where you can keep an eye on things.

Off in a totally different direction is the second release. This is a HUD-based device that is designed as a form of humiliation tool, or perhaps something useful on pets or dolls. Worn by the "victim", but controlled by the dominant (or by the victim if used in a self-bondage mode), it's used to make the wearer appear to say random phrases of your choice at random times. It's called the Z&A Babble:

The HUD can be set up with three different lists: a PG one, a mature one and an adult one. Babbled phrases will be picked from those lists depending on the maturity of the region that the wearer is stood on (so on a PG region only the PG list is used, mature uses PG and mature lists and adult draws from all three lists). Control is also given over how frequently phrases are babbled, what name the phrases appear to be said under and also the "volume" of the babbles (options being whispering, normal saying, shouting or even said only so the wearer can "hear" them).

You can find both these new products in the new product display area of the main store, as well as on the Second Life marketplace (just click on the images above to be taken to their listings). If you'd like a copy permission version of the cell you'll also find that in the main store.


Dance this Saturday

Following on from the last Raven Park dance we're going to stick with a sci-fi theme and, this Saturday, we're going with theme than spans the ages and a galaxy or two:

So, no matter if your preference is for the film, the long-running TV show, the TV show that didn't run quite so long or the TV show that never really got going, there should be something here for you. Dress up as your favourite character (or don't, we're happy for you to "come as you are") and come party to the sound of some appropriate tunes.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday March 21st
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Four new products

While the primary purpose of a cell is to keep your property safe there's something to be said in favour of a cell that serves more than one purpose. This new release tries to serve more than one purpose. Especially useful for those whose captives need a good cleaning, we call it the shower cell:

While it has all the usual features of a Z&A RLV cell it also has an extra menu option to turn on and off a nice big blast of water, ensuring those safely held inside get the chance to clean up and make themselves presentable.

Also, while it looks great in any viewer, the cell looks especially good with advanced lighting turned on, having nice clean tiles and slightly frosted glass (not too frosted though -- your property has no business hiding away from you).

Once thoroughly cleaned you might want to place your inmate on display and, depending on what parts you want to display, this next release might be just the thing. It's called the Legs Up Board and is designed to keep keep the victim nicely uncomfortable while leaving their more intimate parts wonderfully exposed for all to see. As with most of our hold and display devices it comes in light wood, dark wood and chestnut versions:

The cell and the three devices can be viewed and tested in the new products area of the main store, and they can also be found on the Second Life marketplace. If you'd prefer copy-permission versions you'll also find them available in the main store.


Final salute dance

Yesterday afternoon we dragged out an old Raven Park dance set so we could gather and remember Leonard Nimoy. Once again we drew on all the different forms of Trek and, with the help of some great tunes from Miss Eve, had a fun time.

There's an album of photos on imgur; here's a few highlights:

Many thanks to everyone who came along and made it such fun, and to Miss Eve for a wonderfully-themed set.