Armagriddon dance

Yesterday was Raven Park's Armagriddon dance. Ironically RL claimed a few people, either before or during the dance, but a fun time was had by all there. There was, of course, much talk about what any new world from the Lab might contain and how it might work, and lots of talk of what we'd like to see. All set against a "it's the end of the grid as we know it!" backdrop. Here's a few highlights:

Many thanks to Eve for another fantastic set of music, and thanks to everyone who came along and had fun. See you all in a couple of weeks!


Eight new products

Today we're releasing eight new products into the main store and onto the Second Life marketplace. As has been happening recently these products seek to reboot some of our very original builds while fitting in with the light and dark dungeon range, as well as extending the recently-created chestnut range.

To start with we have a follow-on from the Tall Display Cage that we released last week. We got to thinking that, perhaps, some people might not want to use up valuable floor space for such a device. Perhaps using up wall space would make more sense? So, for those people, we now have the Z&A Wall Display Cage:

Of course, sometimes, you have a spare corner where you could keep your sub or slave. For this we have the Z&A Storage Box:

Finally, we've added cast iron versions of our single and double wall chains so they nicely match the chestnut range:

As always you'll find these products in the new products area of the main store as well as on our Second Life Marketplace (just click any of the images above to be taken to their listings). You'll also find copy-permission versions of all of the above in the main store.


Dance this Saturday

We've spoken before about how there's a collectively-populated notecard of themes for Raven Park dances and, generally, we pick a theme from that notecard. But, sometimes, events so important, so huge, so paradigm-shifting, come along and we can't ignore them. This week's dance will be such a dance.

This week it's the...

Come join us to prepare for the grid's end times, the final battle, the hoarding of prims, the meshing of defences, the sculpting of bunkers. Come dressed to defend Raven Park down to the very last object. If we're all going to unnecessarily panic we should at least panic in style, with great company and good tunes.

And beer.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday June 28th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Ten new products

Although it wasn't planned, this week, like last week, sees us releasing quite a large collection of new products. These too are a collection of "reboots" of some of out very first products, remade in mesh for lower land impact, higher detail and made with the new device system.

First off, in the chestnut, dark and light ranges, we have the Z&A Cage Frame:

Also in the same ranges we have the Z&A Tall Display Cage:

In steel and rust forms (to go with the light and dark ranges) we have the Z&A Forced All Fours:

and finally, in the same ranges, we have the Z&A Kneel Cross:

All of these new products are on display and can be tested in the new products area of our main store and they are, of course, all on the Second Life marketplace too (just click on any of the above images to be taken to their listings). Copy permission versions are also available in the main store.


Messed Up Disney dance

Yesterday afternoon was Raven Park's "Messed Up Disney" dance. As usual we have an album full of photos; here's some selected images from it:

This dance was also a significant event in the history of SL DJing and virtual currencies due to the fact that it saw the launch of the Evelock Tune Coin. This was a huge success. Well, as long as you ignore the fact that it devalued from L$500/TC$1 to L$1/TC$1 in about an hour, but no virtual currency is perfect, right? It's strongly suspect that the Evelock Mint will be cracking down on such behaviour in the future.

Many thanks to Eve for another great set (and for finally introducing the Tune Coin), and many thanks to everyone who came and joined in. We'll be back in 2 weeks with more tunes, another theme and lots of begging for Tune Coins. ;)