Two plots available on Raven Park

Update 2014-03-01: Plot #9 has now been let. Only plot #2 remains.

We currently have two plots available on Raven Park. Both plots are on the east side of the region, both waterside. They are both 2016 sqm in size, provide 461 prims and are available for L$738 per week.

The plots can be joined if you require something bigger.

Please see our rentals page for landmarks for these two plots, as well as a copy of our covenant.

These plots are best suited to someone who would like to live on a Femdom-friendly and BDSM-friendly adult region (please note that, although that is the theme of the region, there is no requirement that you have to be involved in Femdom or BDSM, you just need to be comfortable with them). The style of the region is vaguely Victorian with an element of steampunk. The public areas are carefully looked after and constantly evolving. The plots can also be made available for commercial use if your business/shop would be a sympathetic fit.

To see a little more of Raven Park see this small album of photos, or pop over and explore for yourself.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar a line and we'll do our best to help.


Three new products

Today we're releasing three new products. The first two started out as the gifts we made available during our birthday party last weekend. The idea behind the gifts was to make two things -- one for dominants and one for subs -- that are a bit fun and a bit Z&A. We like to think we managed it.

The first release is a wearable version of the popular Z&A Punishment Picker. The idea with this version is that you can keep it in your inventory and pull it out and use it no matter where you are -- no rez rights required. We spent a bit of time trying to decide what would make for a good wearable punishment picker and then it came to us... a bowl of fortune cookies. Or, as we like to call them, the Z&A Misfortune Cookies:

For the subs we wanted to make something that would be part of the new range of restraints and gags. Given that we do like to make the odd over-the-top forniphilic gag we felt that was the way to go. Something as useful and as silly as the reading lamp or umbrella gags. And that's how the chandelier gag was born:

Finally, we've also added another gag to the range. This time it's for the Dommes who want to shut their sub up but don't have an actual gag to hand. That's the time when you pull off your stockings, roll them up and shove them in their mouth...

As usual, you'll find these products in our main store and on the Second Life marketplace (the gags you'll find on our main marketplace shop and the misfortune cookies can be found on Antony's marketplace).


Two updates

Today we've updated two of our products. The first update is to the retail version of the Z&A Submission HUD:

This update adds a timer module. Using this the dominant can set a timer that affects the applied restrictions and any active leash (note that the timer never unlocks the HUD itself -- that always stays locked until the dominant manually unlocks it). The idea being that they set some restrictions and/or leash the sub to something or someone and then set the timer. When the timer expires the restrictions will be removed and any active leash will be released.

The timer can be set to run as either an SL timer (only counts down when the submissive is logged in) or an RL timer (it counts down no matter if they're logged in or not).

The second product to get an update is the Z&A Contact Lenses:

A customer asked us if it would be possible to add a forced mouselook mode. We thought that would be an excellent addition to this particular product and so we added it.

Updated copies of these products are being sent to existing customers now. If you miss your update please drop us a line and we'll get a fresh copy to you, or come down to our main store and touch the relevant vendor board to get a menu and select "Redeliver".


Birthday dance

Yesterday afternoon saw us having a dance at our main store to celebrate our 4th birthday. We'd like to thank everyone who came along to give us their best wishes, and we hope you enjoy the gifts we made. And, of course, we'd like to thank Eve Terr for putting together a great set of music (all of which involved artists whose name began with Z or A or the song title involved the number 4).

Here's a selection of photos we took during the dance:

Taffy totally enjoying 14 minutes of
"Shine on you Crazy Diamond" by
the Australian Pink Floyd Show

You can see the full set of all the photos we took over in this album.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came along, it made for a great dance. All being well we'll be back to normal over on Raven Park -- theme yet to be decided.


New restraint and another product reboot

Today we're releasing another new product that uses the new restraint system. This one is, we're happy to admit, a bit silly. But when the idea cropped up it had to be built. And once it was built it seemed a shame to not make it available.

So, if you've ever felt that your sub or slave needs to take it easy for a while, to float around, unencumbered by the need to walk, free to just hover around, serving no other useful purpose, we think we've got just the thing.

With a handful of configurable RLV too, of course.

Today we introduce the Z&A Quadcopter:

As you might gather, this isn't a Z&A vehicle; it's an attachment, a restraint, made to appear like a vehicle that the victim is attached to. It should also be noted that to get the best out of it the victim should be wearing LockMeister-compatible cuffs (otherwise you won't see chains linking the victim to the quadcopter).

Today we're also reintroducing a version of one of our older products. We've created a brand new version of the single ceiling chain point. This version, as well as only having a land impact of 2, and having all the features of the new furniture script system, also includes a menu to help fit it to most dungeon and house ceiling heights. Within reason you should be able to make it fit "just so" with little or no editing. It comes in both rust and steel versions to match the existing light/steel and dark/rust ranges:

As usual you'll find all of the above in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace. Copy permission versions of the ceiling chain point are also available in the main store and from PrimBay (Rust, Steel).


Z&A's 4th birthday party

Around now, 4 years ago, Zardia was nagging Antony. He was messing about with scripts and throwing prims together, she was throwing prims around too and letting him add his scripts to her prims. So she kept nagging him that they should open a shop.

He wasn't having any of it. Never going to happen. Not a chance.

Within a week a shop was being put together.

We actually first paid rent for the shop on the 19th, but didn't have a name or logo until the 21st, and didn't open for business until the 24th (that's the day we consider to be our birthday). So, on the 22nd (the nearest Saturday), we're having a dance at our main store:

Just like last year Eve Terr is kindly supplying the tunes (rumour has it that she's agreed to create a set that comprises songs from artists whose name starts with Z or A, or songs to do with the number 4), we're supplying a couple of gifts for everyone who comes along, and we're hoping you'll supply the company and silly banter.

Also, like last year, we had new products to release too, but they kind of escaped early. ;)

How's that sound? We have a birthday. You get the gifts. We all have some fun. If you like the sound of that deal here's the details:

Date: February 22nd 2014
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Music by: Eve Terr

Hope to see you there!


Beatles dance

After being postponed the first time around last night was our second go at the Beatles-themed dance. Despite the Lab having other plans we managed to get dressed and enjoy the evening. Here's a few photos:

Taffy delivered, as always. He came as a yellow sub marine.

One unfortunate side-effect of the unscheduled maintenance was that some people were grey for a while after turning up. Which, for a drow, is kind of problematic. ;)

The full album of photos can be found over here.

Many thanks to everyone who came and took part, it was a really fun night. And many thanks to Eve for another great collection of tunes (including a couple of last-moment purchases to satisfy requests).

If everything goes according to plan we'll be back in two weeks, over at the Z&A main store, to celebrate our 4th birthday. There'll be dancing and music and gifts and things. And rumour has it that Eve's been given the challenge of making a playlist from only artists whose names begin with Z or A. ;)