Z&A turn 3!

Yesterday (February 24th) was the third anniversary of us opening our first store. The first store was a very small affair in a very shabby mall. But we were very proud of it. Making the products, deciding on the name, creating the logo and setting it all up was loads of fun.

Three years on it's still loads of fun. The shop, however, is a little bigger these days. ;-)

To help celebrate three years as a build team in Second Life we've got a few things happening today. They are:

New RLV device product range

After a few months of scripting and building we're delighted to announce that we have the start of a new range of RLV-enabled BDSM furniture. You can read more about it in this blog entry.

New Z&A brand

We're also very excited to announce a new shop-within-a-shop, a new brand within the Z&A brand: Raven Street.

You can read more about Raven Street, and the products that are part of it, on this blog entry.

Birthday Party!

Finally, later today, we're hosting a birthday party at our main store.

As well as music provided by Eve Terr of Evelock fame, we'll also be giving away a special gift to all who attend.

Introducing: The new range of Z&A bondage furniture

After finishing the work on the vehicles last year we decided it was high time we revisited our core products, the sorts of products that got us building in the first place: bondage furniture. We decided to do two things. The first was to start making more use of mesh. The second was that there would be a ground-up, from-scratch, rewrite of the scripts that drive the products.

Both these things happened. Antony spent quite some time working on a brand new body of code for the products (often under very difficult circumstances too). As much as possible we've tried to keep the menus and the workings of the new code as simple and as straightforward as possible. We have, however, tried to make the devices more flexible. The new products offer more control over the RLV restrictions that are applied, as well as providing lots of support for different access and admin models (this means that our new products will be easier to set up either for personal/private use or public use). They also offer a simple yet effective method of tweaking animation positions (thus making it easier for different sized avatars to get the best out of the products).

On the mesh front.... well, mesh happened. This has allowed us to make nicely-detailed low land impact products as well as products with lots of detail with normal levels of land impact. We think, so far, we've managed to make something to suit everybody's prim count budget.

The first set of products in this new range are now available on the marketplace and in the main store. Everyone is invited to come and have a play and try them out. Here they are:

Introducing: Raven Street

Today we're delighted to be able to announce the launch of a new venture for Z&A; a "shop within a shop", so to speak. For the past three years Z&A's primary focus for building has been on bondage furniture, restraints, cells and RLV vehicles. We are now launching "Raven Street". This is a brand that is part of, and exists within, Z&A, and provides a creative outlet for Vila Pixelmaid (who, as most know, is the other side of Zardia) and her boy (Antony, obviously).

The primary focus for Raven Street, to start with, is clothing -- especially latex and fetish clothing, and especially with a focus on mesh.

Raven Street shares the same main store as Z&A (very much as a "shop within a shop") but has its own marketplace presence. As of now, the first release of products are available in both those locations. The first releases are a range of four styles of latex dress, each with a range of colour combinations. Each one comes with a texture-change HUD so you can change the colour as you go (or change it and set it for good).






Bouddicea Grand Reopening

Like many people who are involved with Second Life's Femdom community, we were rather sad to hear, a while back, that Bouddicea was to close. Bouddicea was one of the first Femdoms Antony and his Mistress ever visited and, more recently, they've been one of many Femdoms that have shown great support and encouragement for The Femdom Hunt.

So you can probably imagine how happy we were to hear the news of its demise was a little premature and, instead, it was to reopen in a new location. You can probably also imagine how delighted we were to be asked to take part in the reopening event.

We're very proud to be able to announce that we're one of the sponsors who have provided a gift for the mini-hunt that will be taking place this Sunday (coincidently this is also Z&A's third birthday -- but don't worry, there's no clash, our party is the following day).

If you fancy getting your hands on an exclusive Z&A build, as well as gifts from other Femdom-related builders, you might want to pop along this Sunday and take part in the hunt. There's other events too.

See this entry on the Strict Venus blog for more details.


Reminder: Z&A's 3rd birthday party

February 24th is the third birthday of Z&A Productions. To celebrate this the following day we're having a bit of a party at our main store and you're invited.

We'll have music by Eve Terr of Evelock fame.

We'll have new products on display (yes, really, we're launching new products too!)

We'll have a free gift for everyone who attends (yes, one of the new builds, it won't even be on sale at that point, it'll only be available as the free gift!)

The time: 4pm to 6pm.

The date: February 25th 2013

The place: Z&A Productions


Z&A affiliate programme

Following on from our announcement a week ago that we were testing an affiliate system, we're now delighted to be able to announce the general availability of the Z&A Productions affiliate programme.

If you are interested in selling Z&A products at your public adult location please have a look over the affiliate agreement and, if you agree, feel free to grab a set of boards from the Second Life marketplace or from our main store.

If you have any questions about the programme please don't hesitate to drop a line to Antony Fairport.

Save the date: Z&A's third birthday party

We'll be making more details available closer to the time, but we wanted to let everyone know that they might want to be free for a couple of hours on the 25th of this month. Between 4pm and 6pm, Second Life time, we'll be having a party at the Z&A Productions main store, celebrating our third birthday, with the DJing by Eve Terr of Evelock.

Not only that, but we'll be launching new products too.

To help celebrate 3 years of Z&A, and to celebrate the release of the new product ranges, we'll also be making a complete new build available free to everyone who attends.

Sound good? It's our birthday, we throw the party, and you get the gift. :)

So, don't forget:

February 25th, 4pm to 6pm SLT,

You might even see Antony and Zardia dance. It doesn't happen that often.

Just to be clear: not together. We don't mean that.


New swing at Raven Park

Where possible we like to try and have something out on each of the main bits of public land at Raven Park. The end of the lane round the back of the main store has always been lacking in this regard. While it's a good track for taking a cart out for a run, with a roundabout at the end for easy turning round, it's always needed something there.

Today we installed just the thing:

The swing has a good collection of solo and couples poses, including some very nice cuddles. Or, if you're so inclined, a few more Femdom-oriented ones. Antony's Mistress seemed to very much appreciate the ones that made her life more comfortable. ;-)


Z&A affiliate boards

As mentioned in passing a few days ago, we're currently setting ourselves up to use a new vendor system for our mall locations (and one or two boards in our main store). The choice of system was, in part, motivated by the many requests we've had over the past (almost) three years for affiliate boards.

The time has finally come to make some affiliate boards available.

So, if you are genuinely interested in selling Z&A products at a public location, please drop Antony Fairport a line in-world to find out more and get a copy of the vendor boards. Please also see this page for the affiliate agreement.