The TMS Prison

The Mistresses femdom today announced a new facility on their sim: The TMS Prison.

The prison facility is aimed at male inmates who are also members of TMS (there is a fee for membership of TMS) and who wish to spend two or more days being watched over by the TMS guardesses.

We mention this here for two reasons: the first is that we think this will appeal to many of our customers. The second is that TMS were kind enough to choose some Z&A products for the build of the prison. Actually, there's also a third reason: we think it'll be an awesome experience. If you think it sounds like something you want to try either pop down to our main store (there's an information and application giver on the ground floor, just inside the main doorway, next to the display of welcome mats) or head directly to TMS itself to get more information.

PS: While you're at our main store, or at TMS, don't forget that there's still time to pick up some free RLV-enabled Halloween toys. There are vendor boards for them at both locations.

PPS: The sharp-eyed amongst you might recognise the cell in the backrgound of the above image. Others might be wondering what it is and where it's from. If you are wondering, it's one of the awesome Sweet Torments cells. Here at Z&A we're huge fans of Sweet Torments. Antony's Mistress adores hers, and Antony (mostly) adores being locked in them. If you've never looked at ST cells before we'd highly recommend them. Do be sure to pop to their main store, it's an experience.


Halloween photoshoot with the 24/7 Restricted group

Last Friday Z&A Productions got together with the 24/7 Restricted group and we had a Halloween photoshoot with many people taking part using one of the Z&A Halloween gifts that are currently avialable in the main store. The shoot itself took the best part of an hour -- partly because it was tough to get a bunch of people locked in ghosts and helmets into place (they do reduce the ability to communicate), but also because people were having random crashes (as is the way with Second Life, especially when you're trying to organise something).

But, after some effort, the shot was got. We think it was totally worth it:

Z&A would like to thank the people of 24/7 Resticted who took part, and especially Owen Meiyo (first pumpkin on the right) who made it all happen.

Sadly Zardia wasn't able to make it (such is the way of timezones), but Antony was. He's the second ghost on the right.

If you like the look of the pumpkin helmet, or the ghost, it's not too late to get one. We have them out at the main store and they'll be there until the end of the month. Have fun. :-)


Saying goodbye to the Z&A Productions workshop

The sim where we have our workshop (and always have had our workshop) is undergoing massive changes at the moment (in a good way, and we're fully involved -- we'll announce what's happening here when there's something to announce) and, as part of those changes, we had to take in our workshop and all the contents.

The current workshop is MkII of the Z&A workshop. We outgrew the first one in the first month of building, it was also housed over Zardia's home plot. When it got too much for her we grabbed a plot for the workshop itself and quickly (in the space of a couple of hours) built something that best fit out needs.

That was back in March this year and it's served us really well since then. But, there were glitches in it, and it used far more prims than was necessary. So, having taken in the workshop as part of the sim rebuild, we decided to build a newer, nicer, less prim-heavy workshop. We'll be rezzing that out in the next few days. Meanwhile...

Wave goodbye to workshop MkII. We had great times there. Hopefully MkIII will be even more fun.


Something spooky is happening

Remember yesterday we said that something spooky was in the works? It's here! We have RLV-enabled Halloween toys for you to own and play with. First up, we have the Z&A Ghost:

Secondly, we have the Z&A Pumpkin Head Isolation Helmet:

If these look like silly fun to you (they should do, they're supposed to) you should come down to the main store and find the vendor boards:

Just touch the boards and you'll get a copy. No group membership is needed. Tell your friends. And keep an eye out for further announcments.

PS: Have a look around the garden too, we put out a Halloween-inspired toy for you to play on. ;-)


Something spooky is in the works

Something's going on in the Z&A Productions workshop. It'll involve SL's 24/7 Restricted group. There will be free gifts. There will be a photoshoot. Would you like to know more? Dare you know more?


Fourth Z&A Productions Group Gift

The fourth Z&A Productions group gift is now avilable in the main store. Just pop down, wear your "Friends of Z&A" group tag, and click on the vendor board. It looks like this:


Seven new products in the main store

Z&A Productions are delighted to announce that we've relased seven new products to our main store. Currently you'll find them on the display platform on the ground floor:

The products are:

Storage Box (Black)

Storage Box (Rosewood)

Hogtie Stand (Black)

Hook-Hang Stand (Black)

Saw Horse (Black)

Weight Hang (Black)

Weight Hang (Rust)