All change at Z&A (again)

It's almost a year since we built a new store, to make more space, to have stairs, and to be a great base of operation for the first Femdom Hunt. It's also about five months since we added the cell store next to the main store. In that time there's been a lot of changes (Z&A fully taking over what was Shackles Femdom and the subsequent transformation of that into Raven Park) and we've also grown.

After making the changes to our homes and Raven Park, the final thing we wanted to do was update the main store so that it was a better fit and so that the cell store wasn't a separate building. As hinted at yesterday, we've been working on that and the new shop was finished yesterday.

So, earlier today, during some quiet time, we cleared the garden of all plants and stock:

rezzed some barriers around the landing point to keep any customers who dropped in safe, and then deleted the cell store:

followed by the main store:

After that, we dropped the new shop out of the sky (we'd built it in the right place, but up at altitude, saving the hassle of needing to rez it and move it into position). This did, of course, leave every item of stock floating outside the shop (part of the point of the rebuild was to rotate the whole shop):

What followed was a couple of hours of moving stock and vendor boards back into place. Finally, after a lot of prim shifting, we had a shop back:

all the stock is back in place:

and the cells are looking pretty good in their new home:

There's still a fair bit to do though. While all the stock is placed in the new shop it isn't all quite where we'd like. The cell room, in particular, needs a proper move around. The main priority was to just get everything back inside the shop and available for people to try (and hopefully buy).

Also, the gardens are currently missing any plants or landscaping so we've got a little gardening job to do too.

So don't be surprised to find that, if you pop down and take a look, and then pop back a day or so later, things have moved.

Also, if you do pop over to see the new layout, do let us know if you find any random prims floating. We think we've got everything. :)

With all that done, we can get back to plotting the next thing.


Thank you all

Now that the weekend hunt is over, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to come visit Z&A and Raven Park and take part in the hunt. We hope you found all the gifts. We hope you find something amongst them that's perfect for you. We hope you had fun wandering around the sim.

We had a wonderful response. We were surprised and delighted by how many people did come and hunt. And we had some lovely feedback too. It made it all worth the effort.

Now we start on the third year. It should be fun. And there's already plans...


The Z&A Productions Birthday Mini-Hunt

It's on! The Z&A Productions 2nd birthday mini-hunt is now under way. You're invited to come down to our main store, slap the hunt board, and then take a nice wander around Z&A and Raven Park and pick up some gifts we've made you.

To get going just look in the folder you'll have been given by the hunt board and have a read of the notecard called Z&A Productions Second Birthday Mini-Hunt Hints. In there you'll find the hints for finding each gift. The hints should be fairly easy to follow -- we've not designed this hunt to be hard to do, we've not been devious in hiding the objects, we just want this to be a nice stroll around Z&A and Raven park.

Please treat this hunt as if the usual set of hunt rules apply. Short version: be nice, have fun, and please don't go giving away the locations of the gifts.

If you have any particular problems please don't hesitate to IM Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar. And please do feel free to make use of the Friends of Z&A group if you get stuck.

PS: While you're in the main store, don't forget to take a look at our guest vendor board.


Guest Vendor: Evelock

Today sees the start of what we think is a fun experiment. After seeing something similar in a (very vanilla) store while we were both out shopping a few weeks ago, we've decided to try the idea of having a guest vendor in our main store. By this we don't mean that we've added an affiliate board or two to the store, by this we mean we've invited a vendor to come and place a board in our store.

We wanted to invite a content creator who makes items that we like, and who caters for a similar customer base as we do. The choice of who to invite was simple. For the next two weeks we're delighted to be able to host a guest vendor board from Evelock:

The Evelock vendor board is easy to find. Just come down to our main store, walk in the front door, and look to your right. You can't miss it.

Note also the box below the vendor board. Just buy from that (at a price of L$0) and you'll receive some wonderful Evelock freebies.

PS: Don't forget, it's only a week to go now until we at Z&A celebrate the second anniversary of our first shop opening.

Be sure to make some time in your calendar next weekend so you can come do the mini-hunt.


Seven new products

We're delighted to announce that we've released seven new products into the main store and onto the marketplace.

First up, we have two more cells, both with a glass theme. The first one is very modern-looking, mixing concrete with the glass:

The second is a pretty stained glass and painted metal cell:

We've also released a perfect item of equipment if you have a spare corner in a room in your home, or dungeon. The Z&A Corner Chained has been released in black, rosewood and rust textures:

Finally, we've released a new RLV-enabled bed. This, like our others, is designed as a bed that can help turn a spare room into a cell of sorts. However, the Z&A Pipe Bed (which comes in chrome and rust textures) is a little different from our others in that the Domme can sit on the bed too. The sub should always sit (or be caught) on the bed first, the Domme should sit second. In most cases the Domme's pose will be one where she stands, leaning impatiently, at the foot of the bed. However, things get a little more intimate when the sub is chained spreadeagle.

All of these products are out on display, and available for purchase, in the new products area of the main store (you'll find the two new cells in the cell shop, the building next to the main store). We'd be delighted if you popped down and gave them a try. And, of course, they're all available from the marketplace too.


Four new products

We're happy to announce the release of four new products. The first is a version of our popular low-prim, multi-pose throne that has been textured to nicely matche the black and chrome range of items in our store:

Adding to the range of outdoor bondage equipment we have the Z&A Quadripod. This is RLV-enabled and comes with three different poses:

Finally, we have two RLV-enabled holding cells. These were first made as a gift that we gave out at the Beaumont BDSM Fun Day last year. These cells are very low prim (only 4 prims each) and have a number of different poses for the inmate. Note that these cells are hold-and-display type cells rather than walk-in cells as you'll find in our cell shop.

We have a version in concrete and rust:

and one that comes in black and chrome:

You'll find all of these products in the new products area of our main store, and also on the marketplace.



Hey, did you hear about that secret thing that's doing the rounds? No? Good, 'cos it's supposed to be a secret. We're not telling, and neither is Evelock.

We don't want to illustrate the secret either, so here's a picture of an annoyed kitten in front of the Z&A logo.