Z&A Christmas gifts

Just because it's Christmas it doesn't mean that subs and slaves don't still need locking up with RLV; some might say that it's more important than ever. It is nice, however, if it can be done in a festive way. So, for those of you who have never had the chance to pick up the Z&A Christmas RLV devices, now's the time to get down to the main store and grab them:

Here you'll find an RLV Christmas tree, candy display, gift box, snowman and stocking. All free to anyone who wishes to grab a copy (and they're all copy, so you can decorate your plot or region with as many as you like).

PS: While you're there, if you're looking for other festive RLV ideas, don't forget that there's the Z&A Sleigh available for testing up in the vehicle test area.


Z&A Vehicle (Cage Trap)

It's been a couple of months since I last released an RLV vehicle, the last one being the sleigh. So, after a bit of a delay, it's time to release another by making the final gift from The Femdom Hunt available in the main store and on the Second Life Marketplace. This vehicle is called the Cage Trap.

This is a brand new vehicle build, inspired by and based on the design of the Pipe Trap. The main difference with the Cage Trap is that the picnic items are swapped for a pair of sturdy metal cages. This allows two dominants to ride in comfort while a victim pulls them and two more are transported in the back.

The vehicle itself is simple to drive and, as with all of the Z&A vehicles, is designed to be accessible with easy-to-use menu options and appropriate RLV options to keep the victims nice and secure for the duration of the ride. As well as the "driver" being locked and under RLV control, the "passengers" in the cages on the back get to enjoy the same treatment.

For those who wish to make the vehicle available for public use on their region, there's a public rezzer version too:

As well as including the normal vehicle (there's no need to buy both if you want a personal vehicle and a public rezzer version) it also includes a rezzer object that will rez copies of the vehicle that anyone can drive -- with a full clean-up system that ensures your region doesn't fill up with unwanted traps.

If you'd like to try the vehicle out, see what it looks like, see how it drives, etc, do feel free to pop down to the main store and head to the vehicle test area where you'll find a rezzer set up. As well as vendor boards in the main store you'll also find the vehicle and the rezzer for sale on the Second Life marketplace.

Black & Gold dance

Yesterday afternoon we gathered in a ballroom above Raven Park to enjoy the last Raven Park dance of 2017. A full album of photos can be round over on Google Photos. Here are some highlights:

Despite an xkcd 349 problem getting her machine booting,
Emma finally made it to the dance.

Thank you everyone who came along and made it such fun, and to Miss Eve for a fantastic couple of hours of music. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! See you for the next dance in January!


Raven Park dance this Saturday

This Saturday it's time for the final Raven Park dance of the year. We'll be taking out usual Christmas holiday, with dances returning early in January (we'll blog and send out notices to say when, of course). This year's final dance will have a bit of a Christmas theme, and a bit of a general celebration theme, with one particular focus: it's all going to be:

Black and Gold

So do please join us, dressed in your best black and gold outfits (or whatever you like, we're always cool about that sort of stuff), for the final Raven Park dance of 2017. Here's all the details:

Date: Saturday December 9th
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Alien road trip dance

Yesterday afternoon we gathered near a gas station on a desert highway and attempted to dance and enjoy Miss Eve's music, while aliens gathered around us, and nuclear tests were conducted on a regular basis. An album of photos can be found over on Google Photos. Here are some highlights:

Many thanks to everyone who came along and made it so much fun. See you all in a couple of weeks!

PS: In case you're wondering why the atom bombs all the time.... you can't be in an alien-infested American desert without atom bomb tests, right?


Raven Park dance this Satuday

This Saturday it's time for another Raven Park dance. At first we were going to go with a fairly straightforward "road trip" theme, with a bit of a US feel. A build started, we had a road, got a bit of a desert roadside stop feel going, it was all looking good.

And then during a conversation with Miss Eve, as we were building away, it all went off on a bit of a tangent. So now the theme is still "road trip", only...

Think Area 51. Think Nevada State Route 375. Think The X-Files, or Paul. Think road trip, only with more abductions and people in black suits.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday November 25th
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Z&A Cell: Stable

Today it's time to release, as a full produce, the second of the gifts from The Femdom Hunt VII. This week it's the turn of the first cell I've built in a while (the last one was back in May this year). This one is designed to look very similar to the Z&A Small Stable, only with the addition of very obvious bars and, of course, containing the full Z&A cell system. It's the Z&A Cell (Stable):

As well as having all the usual features of a Z&A cell, it also contains owner-only menus that provide a range of texturing options, allowing control over the brick, the roof tiles, the wood and the doors. The cell itself is designed with a fairly thick floor so that it should sit well on uneven surfaces (so perfect for putting down in an open field).

If you prefer a copy version, rather than transfer, that's available too:

The cell can be purchased either from the main store, or from the Second Life Marketplace (click either of the vendor images above to be taken to the relevant listing).


Z&A AnyChain

Today I'm releasing a free product that, I think, might be handy to some. Its intended purpose is to solve the little problem of some items, that would work well as a collar or cuffs, not coming with any sort of LockGuard/LockMeister script inside them. This problem is obviously easily solved by adding such scripts; but what if the items are no-mod, or you just can't be doing with the hassle of adding scripts all the time?

Z&A AnyChain is my attempt at a solution:

In the package you get a set of chain target objects, each designed to be worn on your body and positioned where you'd like chains to go. The idea being that you add those cuffs you really like, but which aren't LG/LM-compatible and which are no-mod, and then place the relevant AnyChain target object where the chain should go.

Along with these objects is a HUD. With this you can show/hide the chain target objects. The HUD also lets you save the chain target object positions into 10 different save slots; this means that you can position the chains for 10 different combinations of non-LG/LM cuffs/collar/etc.

Of course, the nice thing about this is that you don't have to be using attachments that look like actual cuffs. Perhaps you'd like to use some jewellery, perhaps even some item of clothing that'd make sense? Or even something I've not thought of.

In this initial release AnyChain provides points for a collar front and back loop, as well as wrist and ankle cuffs. In later versions I'll likely add more points; or perhaps make it simple for people to add their own. This first release is mostly an experiment, to see if it even makes sense.

Hopefully it'll solve a problem for someone; it did for me.


Updated leash restraints

Today I'm releasing updates the the Z&A restraints are are primarily designed to allow leashing, this includes the following products:

Z&A Nipple Bells

Z&A Nipple Clamps

Z&A Nipple Pins

Z&A Nipple Rings

Z&A Nose Ring

Z&A Pegged Nipples

Each of these products has had a refresh of the follow/leashing code. Over the past couple of years I've being making improvements to the leash code of the Z&A SubHUD and, because the leashing system in these products is based on the SubHUD's leash code, it made sense to update them all and have them work even better.

Updates will be sent out from the Z&A vending system and you can always come into the main store and request a redelivery from the redelivery sign, or via any vendor board in the shop.

If you don't get an update and the product you own isn't showing as being available for redelivery, don't worry; it's likely you purchased it before Z&A moved over to CasperVend. In that case drop me (Antony Fairport) a line with the details of the product you bought and I'll see about adding you to the system.