Z&A Submission HUD v1.6

We've just released v1.6 of the Z&A Submission HUD.

Changes in this release include:
  • The strip module has been updated to include optional support for "smart strip".
  • Corrected the feedback text given when toggling IM reporting in the report module. It said off when on and on when off.
  • Added a Sit/Unsit module that lets you force sit and unsit the wearer.
Existing users of the retail version are getting a new copy sent to them, or you can grab a fresh copy any time by coming into the shop, touching the board and requesting a redelivery.


Two new cells

Today we're releasing two more cells as part of our new range of RLV cells. The first is a remake of a cell that first appeared as our gift for The Femdom Hunt II, one that should fit well in any Goth or Victorian inspired garden. We're calling it the Sandstone & Iron cell:

The second release is designed as a very modern and rather stark cell, made of concrete, metal and glass. We call it the Glass & Concrete cell:

Both of these cells can be found in the new products area of the main store (so do please feel free to come along and try them out for size) as well as on the Second Life marketplace (just click on either of the images above to be taken to their listings). If you prefer a copy permission version you'll also find vendor boards for them in the main store.


Pratchett dance

For our second Raven Park dance of the year we got back into the swing of having themes (the first dance this year being a general gathering) by having fun with the works of Sir Terry Pratchett. We've got a whole album of photos from the dance; here are a few highlights:

A huge thanks to everyone who came along, and also to Eve Terr for, as always, providing lots of suitably-themed music . It was a great couple of hours. See you all in a couple of weeks time for the next theme...


Two new products

The past year or so, here at Z&A, has involved a lot of retiring of old product ranges and releasing new takes on them -- always with brand new scripting, often remade using mesh to reduce land impact too. Another important change has been, where it makes sense, making the products available in both transfer and copy permission versions. During the Christmas and New Year break, between cell building sessions, Antony decided to revisit one of our few remaining original products. The result is:

This simple RLV trap can be used to force teleport or force sit any RLV user that happens to walk over it. It also has a flexible (and optional) force strip system that lets you set what should be stripped (with optional "smart strip" support for those victims who like to use "smart strip"). Configuration is driven by an easy-to-follow notecard and the force-TP targets are set by simply dropping landmarks inside the mat. Also, whereas before, this came as eight different products (one for each design), all designs are built into the one product.

Other features include the ability to declare specific avatars as "safe", including an "everyone with a group tag the same as the mat is safe" mode.

For those who might want to litter their plot or region with welcoming mats... there's a copy permission version available in the main store.

The new cell range is also expanding with the addition of the Plaster & Wood Cell:

The owner and admins of the cell can access a setup menu that allows for a choice of 7 different plaster colours and 7 different styles of wood, giving plenty of mix and match options. Here's a few examples:

This new cell is available for viewing and testing in the new product area of our main store; you'll also find a vendor board there for a copy-permission version.


Dance this Saturday

This Saturday it's time for another Raven Park dance. This time we're going to embrace worlds where the world really is flat. Where elephants are huge and where turtles are even huger. Or perhaps a world where the anti-christ gets kind of misplaced. A world where footnotes are a work of art1.

The theme? It's...

Come join us to have some fun with themes and characters from the works of Sir Terry Pratchett. Feel free to dress as your favorite character from one of his books, or just come as you like. We're happy either way.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday January 25th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

1) Just not this footnote.


Happy 7th birthday Velvet Thorn

Like last year, we're a bit early with this; the actual anniversary is the 20th but festivities kick off tomorrow and, given that RL can get in the way of weekends...

The Velvet Thorn is about to turn 7 so we've made available a little thing we first made last year, the Velvet Thorn History Map:

It's now updated to cover to the start of this month. So, if you want to have a look at how the region has changed and evolved since early 2009 (the earliest date that we can find map data for), just head over to our satellite shop in the VT mall:

 and find the box with the above texture on it (it's below the cells vendor board):

and buy your very own copy (it's L$0, obviously).

Happy birthday Velvet Thorn!