Dance this Saturday

Anyone who follows this blog will know that we're heading into a fairly busy part of the year for Z&A due to the fact that The Femdom Hunt is almost upon us. This Friday sees the first walk-through and it carries on being busy right up until the hunt kicks off. So it makes sense that, for the moment, we try and keep dance themes as simple as possible.

This weekend's dance has been designed with this in mind. We thought it would be nice to have a dance where you just come and show off your favourite frock. Or perhaps you're looking for just the right reason to buy that dress you've been looking to buy for a while. Or, perhaps, you're some poor sub who'll be "forced" into wearing a frock and you'll totally hate it *nods convincingly*.

So come join us in that dress you want everyone to see. Or, you know, that dress you're horrified to have everyone see you in (Hey, Sue, am I doing this mock horror thing right?). There's bound to be lots of mutual admiration and perfectly-themed tunes from Eve.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday October 4th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Coming soon...

Ever since we dropped the most recent shop into place the "new products" area (the space in front of the reception desk) has had some sort of testable/playable product there. Mostly the latest releases in our range of RLV hold and display devices.

That changes today. Today, it's been cleared out...

...and some new boxes have turned up...

Hopefully we'll find time to unpack the contents in the next day or so. ;)


Three new products

This week we're releasing three new products that unintentionally appear to follow on with a theme of "storage". A couple of weeks ago we had the chestnut display cabinet and then last week we had the wall box cage. This week we have more wall-attached storage that's a little more stressful on your victim while also being useful when they're not there.

This week's release is the Z&A Storage Shelf:

Just the thing to keep those smaller dungeon items tidy and out of the way, as well as somewhere to keep a spare sub or slave tidy and out of the way.

As always you'll find these releases in the new products area of the main store as well as on the Second Life Marketplace. Copy permission versions are also available from the main store.


Plot available at Raven Park

This plot has now been let.

For the first time in quite a while we have a plot available for rent on Raven Park. This is an east-facing plot, 2016 sqm in size and providing a 461 prim land capacity. Rent is L$738/wk.

You'll find the SLURL for the plot, as well as the Raven Park covenant, on our Rentals Page. You can also get an information pack from the Second Life marketplace.


Anarchy in the UK dance

Yesterday afternoon was Raven Park's Anarchy in the UK dance, designed to mark an interesting week in UK political history, but mostly to give us a reason to create a seedy pub atmosphere and mosh about to a load of old punk tracks and other related music.

Which is just what we did. We have an album of photos from the dance, and here's a few highlights:

Many thanks to everyone who turned up, and to Eve for putting together a great collection of tracks. Given that no fighting broke out and we all made it home safe in the end it looks like we'll be back in a couple of weeks. Hope to see you then.


Z&A Wall Box Cage

Today we're releasing two new products that somewhat follow on from our releases last week. The idea of a wall-mounted box to keep your subs and slaves in makes a lot of sense, and it made a lot of sense to make a version of the wall cabinet that was more suited to a dungeon environment.

So, with that in mind, we've released the Z&A Wall Box Cage in the light/steel and dark/rust ranges:

Perfect for screwing to any wall and storing whoever without the need to use up floor space.

Both these products can be found in the new product section of the main store, as well as on the Second Life marketplace (just click either of the images above to be taken to their listing).


Dance this Saturday

This Saturday, once again, we're going to put the Raven Park dance theme list to one side (yes, yes, we know, a second dance running!) and go with a theme inspired by current events. For anyone who has been living under a rock and doesn't know: this week a vote is taking place that could change the UK forever (well, okay, change it again, forever, until the next change anyway). This could be a peaceful change. This could be a less than peaceful change. There's a danger that much tea could be spilt before this is over. There's a chance that a very large middle finger and a massive sneer will have been aimed at the establishment. It could result in...

Come join us to relive the "golden age" of UK musical protest, to celebrate all things (dis)united about the UK, to revel in that very British form of anarchy, to mock the established order while being secretly kind of proud of most of it without being, you know, obviously patriotic or anything horribly obvious like that. Or not. Because, you know, as the good Prof likes to say, we don't want to cause a fuss.

If that's okay with you?

Yes? Wonderful! See you there then!

When? Where? Here of course...

Date: Saturday September 20th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Z&A Display Cabinet

Today we're releasing two new products that aim to work well beside the Z&A Display Case and the Z&A Cage Table. Both are display cabinets whose purpose, like many of our products, is to lock your sub or slave on display and keep them within easy access.

First off we have the floor-standing display cabinet:

As well as having 3 poses this, like the display case and cage table, has a selection of different glass colours which can be set by the owner.

If floor space is an issue for you then perhaps a wall-mounted display cabinet would work better?

You can find both of these products in the main store and on the Second Life Marketplace. Copy permission versions are also available from the main store.


Steampunk dance

Yesterday was Raven Park's Steampunk dance; for this year anyway -- it's not the first time we've enjoyed that theme. This time around Some and Emma of Drow Science and Sunshine Technology fame built us a great set based around the latest incarnation of the Prometheus while Eve Terr played a great selection of Goth rock and Steampunky tracks.

We've recorded an album of images of the dance; here's a few highlights:

Many thanks to everyone who came along and joined in, and of course to Some and Emma for a great backdrop to the dance and to Eve for a great set of music. See you all in a couple of weeks!