Z&A HUD Locker

Antony's Mistress makes heavy use of her viewer's outfit changing facility, which also means that if he springs some new HUD on her, as he did when the finished the Z&A Submission HUD (which, as you'll probably know, has a dominant HUD for talking to the sub/slave's HUD), she's got to either add that HUD to all her favourite outfits, or have it knocked off on outfit changes and find it again.

Being able to find it again is sort of important to Antony if he's heavily restricted via the SubHUD so he came up with a simple solution. A HUD locking HUD. This has worked perfectly for his Mistress and now we're sharing it as a free product for anyone else who might find it useful:

You'll find it on Antony's Marketplace Store, at the Main Store or on PrimBay.


Dance this Saturday

This coming Saturday the Raven Park dance is returning to the recurring (and popular) approach of being themed after a sci-fi show or genre. This time around the choice was simple. In fact, it's a choice that has been held back so the timing is (more or less) perfect. This Saturday we'll be celebrating 50 years of arguably the best known British science fiction story. This Saturday we're going all...

That gives you 50 years of Time Lords, Time Ladies, companions, friends, villains, monsters and aliens to choose from. We also have a very special dance venue set out this time1. And you know for sure that the music will be just spot on. There might be some...

...and even some.... no, wait...

Perhaps it's best to just take a note of these coordinates in time and space and hope your TARDIS behaves:

Date: Saturday November 30th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

1) Really. No kidding. Antony got a little carried away. It's already out too so feel free to come and explore it. You can't miss it. The entrance is next to the front door of the Raven Park Mansion. You'll know it when you see it.


Z&A Submission HUD

Today sees the release of another Z&A product that, as with Sub-Focus and Sub-Allowance, Antony has been meaning to work on for quite some time. As with the other two products mentioned this one also comes from his Mistress' wishlist of things she'd like him to make for her convenience. The Submission HUD was started back in June this year and, as it progressed, it was decided that we'd initially release it as our gift for The Femdom Hunt IV (as it was it ended up being one of two gifts from Z&A's main store). Finally, after making a few tweaks to it, we have a final release as a full Z&A product:

The Submission HUD is designed as a long-term tool of control, created to provide easy access to a sub/slave's RLV while also adding a couple of handy extras that mean you're in control of your property even when you're not around. The key features include:
  • Access to many RLV restrictions which are easily turned on and off via a categorised menu.
  • Access to the sub/slave's #RLV shared folders, allowing forced wear/removal of items and outfits found in there.
  • A built-in renamer, allowing you to set how their name appears when talking in local chat.
  • A follow system with optional visible leash (the visible leash works with any LockGuard-enabled collar).
  • A simple clothing strip and attachment removal facility.
  • A region access control system that lets you specify which regions the sub/slave is permitted to visit based on name (both via blacklist and whitelist) or maturity rating (so, for example, you could ban your sub/slave from all PG regions as well as specific named regions).
  • A curfew system that lets you control your sub/slave's movements based on in-world time.
The sub/slave's HUD is no-transfer and will have updates for life. If you wish to purchase a HUD for your sub/slave you can easily purchase it as a gift on the Second Life Marketplace, on PrimBay or from the vendor board you'll find in the main store. The dominant's HUD is both copy and transfer allowing many copies to be given out.

As with Sub-Allowance the main dominant (the person who locked the HUD) can add admins who can control most aspects of the sub/slave's HUD -- the main thing they can't do is unlock it. This allows for easy delegation when necessary.


Green Fairy Dance

Last night, after two weekends over at the Z&A main store in support of The Femdom Hunt IV, the Raven Park dance returned to Raven Park. Because of a fairly busy RL in the days leading up to it we decided to keep things low-key and, rather than the usual custom built/purchased on-theme skybox, we decided to use the Mansion as the venue (something we've not done since the Firefly dance). The theme was a nod to Raven Park's TFHIV hiding place: The Green Fairy (in other words all things absinthe and and absinthe-related).

Here's a few photos from the event:

As always we'd like to thank Eve Terr for providing great tunes that fit the theme and set the tone perfectly, and we'd also like to thank everyone who came along and joined in some great banter.

If everything goes according to plan we'll be back in two weeks. And this one's going to be rather special. Anyone who knows the Raven Park dances will know there's a lot of scifi-loving geeks involved and that we like to have the odd dance themed on shows and films we love. At our next dance we're planning on having our own little celebration of 50 years of a very British kind of science fiction...


Dance this Saturday

After two weekends of moving over to Z&A's main store and joining up with The Femdom Hunt IV our dances are now coming back to Raven Park. But with a small nod to the hunt or, more to the point, Raven Park's involvement with the hunt.

As a reminder of Raven Park's hint and hiding place for its TFHIV gift this Saturday's theme is..

Come dressed for a theme based around Absinthe. So think vaguely Victorian, tortured artist, burlesque, Moulin Rouge, that sort of thing. Or, if you like, come as a green fairy. ;)

Date: Saturday November 16th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Two new products

As often happens after a hunt, and as has always happened after a Femdom Hunt, we're now releasing (two of) our gifts as products. First off we have the Display Cabinet:

This goes nicely with the likes of the Coat Stand, Display Sconce, Display Board and Ceiling Fan. Anyone wanting a copy-permission version can find it with the regular vendor, in the new items display area, in the main store.

Also available is the RLV-enabled Rickshaw:

Of course, for those who want to make the vehicle available to people visiting their plot or sim, we also have the rezzer version:

For anyone wondering where the third gift is in this set of releases -- the Z&A Submission HUD -- it's coming. There's a couple of tweaks we want to make (just improvements) so, all being well, it'll be released as a product in the next couple or so weeks. Watch this space.

As always, you can find and test these products in the new products display area in the main store, or purchase them on our marketplace store. You'll also find them available at some of our mall locations and also through many of our affiliates.