About Z&A


Z&A Productions was originally created by Antony Fairport and Zardia Avindar in February 2010.


When we first started scripting and building, in early 2010, the grid was lacking in BDSM equipment that was suitable for our needs. While plenty of items were available that were sized well for, and contained animations for, male dom/female sub play, very little existed that fit a Female Domme with a male sub. So we started building items that would work for us, and Z&A was born.


Z&A has a number of different product ranges including:

- RLV-enabled hold-and-display devices that suit the house, the garden or the dungeon.
- RLV-enabled walk-in cells and cages that suit the house, garden or dungeon.
- RLV-enabled vehicles that are both fun to drive and fun to use.
- RLV-enabled restraints, both traditional and silly.
- Low-prim and low-cost non-RLV thrones and seating designed for Dommes and subs.

You can quickly browse many of our products here: https://www.pinterest.com/zaproductions/

Or, of course, take a look at the Second Life Marketplace shop that contains Z&A products:


The Z&A Productions store is based at Shackles. Use this landmark: