About the affiliate programme

The Z&A Productions affiliate programme is open to everyone who is interested in selling Z&A products at public adult locations in Second Life. Please have a read of the following agreement and, if you agree with it and are still interested, please feel free to grab a set of boards from the Second Life marketplace or from our main store.

Affiliate agreement


Thank you for your interest in the Z&A Productions affiliate programme. The affiliate vendors allow you to sell the growing range of Z&A products and earn a commission while doing so. The programme is designed for those who run adult-themed malls, shops and public playgrounds and hangouts.

If you have any questions about this agreement or the programme in general please get in contact with Antony Fairport.


Before you get started with the provided vendors we require that you read and agree with the following terms. Rezzing of one or more vendor boards will be seen as agreement with the terms. These terms are subject to change without notice, although we will always inform all current affiliate vendors of any changes made.

1. Z&A's control of the vendors

1.1 Z&A, via the vendor system (CasperVend), will always know what boards are rezzed where.

1.2 Z&A can, at any moment, remotely disable any vendor board.

1.3 Z&A can, at any moment, remotely delete any vendor board.

1.4 Z&A will, from time to time, visit the location where vendor boards are placed.

1.5 From time to time the vendor system may go offline (either due to issues with the grid or due to issues with the provider of the vendor service). You agree that Z&A are in no way responsible for this downtime.

2 You

2.1 You (your avatar) must be at least one month old and must have payment information on file with Linden Lab. Special exceptions may be made for a long-standing resident that has set up an alt avatar especially for retail purposes -- please speak with us first. Boards owned by accounts not meeting these requirements will be remotely disabled.

2.2 You agree to be placed on an in-world mailing list of Z&A affiliate vendors. This list will be used to keep all affiliates up to date with the latest Z&A news. (this is especially important for letting you know about changes to the products that are available via the boards, or for letting you know about changes to this agreement)

3. Placing of vendor boards

3.1 The vendor boards should only ever be placed in locations that are open to the public. Locations with selective access are permitted as long as this is is enforced by rules only (for example: a Femdom region that does not welcome male dominants would still be seen as being open to the public; on the other hand a location where only members of a specific group can gain access would not be seen as open to the public). Boards placed in private locations will be remotely disabled.

3.2 The vendor boards should only ever be placed in adult-rated regions. Boards placed in regions with any lower maturity rating will be disabled.

3.3 Boards may not be placed in locations where there is already a Z&A presence. (Likewise, Z&A will never knowingly sell through a location where an affiliate vendor already exists).

3.4 Boards may not be placed in locations where there is already a Z&A affiliate. (If in doubt about what might constitute a "location", please speak with us).

4. Available products

4.1 You understand that the products available in the affiliate programme are a subset of all available Z&A products.

4.2 You understand that the list of products available in the affiliate programme will grow over time and that the content of the boards will be remotely changed when this happens.

4.3 You understand that products can be withdrawn from sale.

4.4 You understand that prices can change without notice. (although a notice will be sent out on the mailing list when changes are made)

5. Commission

5.1 You will earn a commission of 30% for each sale made.

5.2 The commission rate is subject to change without notice. (although a notice will be sent out on the mailing list if a change is made)

5.2 If you make a purchase from your own affiliate boards commission is NOT paid.

Help and support

If you need any help or support with your vendor boards please don't hesitate to contact Antony Fairport. We'll do everything we can to help. Likewise, if you have a customer who needs help and you can't provide them with an answer please don't hesitate to either contact us or have them contact us.