Z&A Coat Stand

As has been written here many times before, Z&A started, in part, because of a need for RLV items for Antony's Mistress' house. Even now, getting on for four years on, this requirement is still there. Recently Vila and Antony changed her house and there has been much refurnishing going on. One thing Vila required was a coat stand for the entrance to the house. Of course, ideally, it would be RLV-enabled too. Being the good sub that he is Antony built one for her and, today, it's being released as a Z&A product:

It's designed to be a good fit with the Display Sconce, Display Board and Ceiling Fan. There's also a small texture-change option in the setup menu which lets you choose from iron, wood or painted looks.

As always this new product is available from the new product area in the main store and on our main marketplace shop. You'll also find it available at some of our mall locations and also through many of our affiliates.

A copy-edition version is also available in the main store.

PS: Don't forget we're well into the last week of The Femdom Hunt IV. There are 62 locations on the grid that have Femdom-themed or Femdom-related gifts available to find. You'll find 2 gifts at the Z&A main store (both in the same shoe -- one for the Domme, one for the sub) as well as another Z&A gift in the last location (Raven Park). The gift at Raven Park might just be a good fit for the product range mentioned above. ;-)

PPS: Don't forget that we still have our Halloween-themed freebies out in the shop.

PPPS: Don't forget that this week's Raven Park dance will be taking place at the Z&A main store and will be the "end of hunt" dance.


The Femdom Hunt IV and Raven Park dance

This weekend will be a very busy weekend here at Z&A. First off, as some of you might already know, the Femdom Hunt IV kicks off. See the hunt blog for full details.

Simply put, there are over 60 locations around the grid, shops and Femdom hangouts, that have gifts for you to find. And, of course, we're one of them. Well, actually, we're two of them because both Z&A and Raven Park are in the hunt (which you'd kind of expect given we run the hunt ;)).

On top of that this weekend would normally be a Raven Park dance weekend. And it still is, with a couple of changes. This weekend we're moving the dance forward to Friday evening (rather than the usual Saturday) and starting it 15 minutes later than usual. Also, rather than holding it in a custom-built theme-oriented skybox over Raven Park we're going to hold it on the top floor of the Z&A main store.

Those differences aside, it's still our usual dance. We still have Eve Terr as the DJ. There's still a theme. This time we thought we'd make the theme nice and easy and fit the hunt. The theme is...


Yup, that's it. Come dressed (or undressed, we don't mind a lack of dress on Raven Park or in the main store) in a way that expresses Femdom for you. Or just come as you want and join in anyway. What matters most is you come and have a dance and a natter and help celebrate the start of The Femdom Hunt IV.

Here's the details:

Date: Friday October 18th
Time: 4:15pm to 6:15pm SLT
Where: Z&A Productions
Music by: Eve Terr


Halloween RLV Freebies

Time once again to put out our Halloween freebies. If you need some RLV-enabled props or restraints to go with your Halloween-themed outfit or event these fun little builds might help. Just head over to our main store and slap the four new boards in the freebie area:

Also, if gifts sound good to you, don't forget that this Friday The Femdom Hunt IV kicks off. On this hunt you'll find over 60 locations making neat Femdom-related items available to all. We think we've got a neat couple of items available this year (yes, as usual, both Z&A and Raven Park are in as separate locations so you're guaranteed at least 2 RLV-enabled Femdom-related goodies).


Star Wars dance

Last night's Star Wars dance went well, with lots of Star Wars banter and puns and some really fun costumes. Here's a few photos:

And, of course, there's no way the night would have been complete without this shot:

We'll be back in two weeks time with another Raven Park dance although it'll be on the Friday night rather than the Saturday night. More details to follow in the next few days but, as you might guess, it's to do with another event we're heavily working on right now.


Two new products

Today we've released two new products to our main store and onto the Second Life marketplace. This time it's a simple device to keep an uppity sub or slave in their place -- if "their place" is below you. We call it the "Z&A Ground Box":

As you might imagine, this is a device that is designed to be rezzed on the ground, or on the bottom-most floor of a building, and which gives the impression that the victim is locked inside lowered box with just a hole for their head. They can also be "pushed" into the box and a little lid will flip over.

As always, you can find and test these products in the new products display area in the main store, or purchase them on our marketplace store. You'll also find them available at some of our mall locations and also through many of our affiliates.

PS: Don't forget that we currently have some rental plots free here on Raven Park. If you're looking for a place to live that's Femdom-oriented and kink/RLV-friendly it might be for you. One plot has gone already, as of the time of writing. Just two left.


Plots available at Raven Park

For the first time since early on this year we're in a position to offer rental plots on the rental half of our region. We currently have two (one is waterside) 512sqm plots, giving 117 prims each, at a weekly rental price of L$188. There is also a waterside 1,792sqm plot, giving 410 prims at a weekly rental price of L$656.

You'll find SLURLs for each of these plots, as well as the Raven Park covenant, on our Rentals Page. You can also get an information pack from the Second Life marketplace.


Dance this Saturday

While we did all promise ourselves that we'd try and spread out the sci-fi themed dances things haven't quite gone according to plan and, at the last dance, we all pretty much agreed on this week's theme. So, here we are, the next Raven Park dance and we're going all dress-up-sci-fi again.

This time the theme is one where the text for this blog entry should really be scrolling up, and getting narrower. It's a theme were you need to choose if you're on the side of good or evil, where most of the baddies have English accents, and where, let's be honest, the baddies have the coolest-looking ships and the best theme music.

Yes, that's right, this week we're going all...

Star Wars

Sith or Jedi. Smuggler or Princess. Clone Trooper or Storm Trooper. Everyone is welcome. Apart from Jar Jar. Nobody likes Jar Jar.

Date: Saturday October 5th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

PS: Do bring your own food. There's no canteen.