Two new products

New in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace are two more products that round up the mini project to replace the original range of non-RLV Domme/sub seating. This time around there is a very minimal-looking concrete bench that should suit very modern, or perhaps even futuristic, settings:

Via a setup menu the owner can select from 7 different tints for the texture, with the ability to set the texture for the legs and the seat separately.

Also newly-available is a cast iron throne that should suit those with a far more gothic setting:

You can find both of these new products in the new product section of the main store as well as on the Second Life marketplace. If you'd prefer a copy permission version you can also find vendor boards for those in the main store.


Dance this Saturday

It doesn't take long for Raven Park dances to return to a traditionally geeky theme and, come this Saturday, that's happening again. Given what's currently on at the cinema (or soon heading to your cinema, depending on where you are in the world) we thought it was about time we had some fun with a...

No matter if your thing is the comics, or the films, or the comics of the films, or the films of the comics, or.... well, you get the idea, feel free to dress in a way inspired by some part of the Marvel Universe and join us for 2 hours of great music from Eve Terr.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday May 2nd
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Z&A Stone Bench

Now in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace is an addition to the new range of non-RLV Domme/sub seating that was launched last week. This time it's a simple stone bench that should suit most gardens:

As well as having a range of poses for both the Domme and the sub it also has a menu for the owner that allows for a selection of different textures.

You can find this new product in the new product section of the main store and also on the Second Life marketplace. If you'd prefer a copy-permission version you'll also find that available in the main store.


At the zoo dance

Yesterday afternoon there was much dancing in the (temporary) Raven Park Zoo. As normally happens, I took a good number of photos and there's an album of them over on imgur. Here's a few highlights from the event:

Many thanks to Miss Eve for some fantastic music, and to everyone who came along and made it a fun gathering.


Five new products

Not everything made by Z&A is RLV-oriented. Most is, but not absolutely everything. One small line of products that isn't is the Domme/sub thrones and other seating that was first introduced back in 2011. As with other products ranges in the past year this is now being retired in favour of a new line based on fresh scripting and, where it makes sense, mesh.

The first releases in this new product range can be round in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace. They are:

As before, these are designed to be low-cost and low-land-impact Domme/sub seating. Nothing terribly fancy, just a perfect place to sit down and be together. Each one contains a number of poses for the Domme as well as the sub; all controlled by the Domme. The Domme and sub also get simple adjustment menus so they can tweak the position of each pose and, usefully, the Domme gets an "unsit" option so they can remove a sub who might have decided to join them without permission.

You can find all of the above to try out in the new product section of the main store, and they're all also available on the Second Life marketplace (just click on the images above to be taken to their listings). For those who would prefer a copy-permission version they are also now available from the main store.


Dance this Saturday

After a loud and weapon-filled dance last time we thought this time around we should go with something a little calmer, a little more gentle, for the Raven Park dance. So this Saturday we're going with a theme that's been on the list for a while now:

Come dressed in ways inspired by the sorts of animals you might find in a zoo (other than the humans, of course; or the drows, assuming you can cage one) -- either come as an animal, or in an outfit that relates to one. Or, of course, come as you are. We're fine with that too.

Expect plenty of great theme-related music from Eve Terr, lots of dancing, and plenty of fun natter.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday April 18th
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Z&A Quicksand

After retiring the old version of the welcome mat back in January it seemed to make sense to do the same thing with another fun Z&A RLV trap: the quicksand. This replacement version includes many of the features added to the welcome mat, including things like much greater control over what clothing and attachments are removed if stripping happens, the option to support "smart strip" and, in the case of the quicksand, control over additional RLV restrictions that are applied while the victim is held.

You can find a copy of the quicksand to try out in the new product section of the main store (and also further afield, on the beach you'll find at the other and of the Z&A plot, on the other side of the Evelock store) and, of course, you'll also find a copy on the Second Life marketplace.

As with all our other releases, if a copy-permission version is what you need, you'll also find that in the main store.


Zombie dance

The zombie apocalypse started on Raven Park again yesterday but, thanks to the brave efforts of many people, the walking dead were defeated! Even better, the region survived the huge onslaught of bullets and whatever the heck it was that Emma was shooting. ;)

There's an album of photos from the event over on imgur. Here's a few highlights:

It's good to know who your friends are. Either
that or Anna is a terrible shot.

Many thanks to Miss Eve for some great music and also for the build. And the zombies. So! Many! Zombies! We should be back in a couple of weeks, likely with something a little more sedate, easier on the region and with fewer weapons.