Z&A Anti-Cam and a stable

Today we're releasing two new products. The first is one of the final reintroductions of an older product that now makes use of the new restraint code. The second is something a little different for us. More on that in a moment.

First off is the reintroduced Z&A Anti-Cam:

This is a HUD that makes use of the new attachment locking system (and so works with the Z&A Restraint HUD). Once locked in place, and once anti-cam is turned on (it's off by default), the wearer will have their ability to cam around a region controlled. There is a choice of two punishments: the first is that their vision will become more and more blurred the further away they cam, the second is that the moment they get too far they're simply blinded. Your choice.

How far they're allowed to cam can be controlled and there's a "safe region" system so regions where anti-cam isn't enforced can be set -- handy if your sub or slave needs to be able to build in a selected sandbox, or they fulfil a helper or security role somewhere and camming is vital.

The next product isn't RLV-related in any way. It's a simple building that Antony built late on last week when the need arose due to his current circumstance and we thought others might find it useful. It's a simple small mesh stable:

Just the thing to keep a pony in, and a sprinkle of RLV can be added by simply rezzing a Z&A Hay Bale Bed inside it.

You can find both these products in the main store as well as on our Second Life marketplace.

Dance this Saturday

Saturday is Raven Park dance day again and, yet again, the plan to have a SciFi theme has sort of been derailed. Everything was looking good until Antony met with an accident involving his Mistress, the Z&A Sub-Allowance and a Z&A Punishment Picker. He would have been out of it by today but there was a repeat incident. Long story short: Antony is locked in pony gear and isn't getting out of it until some time next week.

So the only sensible course of action was to bring forward another theme we've had on the theme list for quite some time:

So no matter if training or being trained is your thing, do throw on your best pony play related outfit (or not, feel free to come as you are) and come and join us for laughs and relevant music. Here's the details:

Date: Saturday May 3rd
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

PS: In case you're wondering, it's the Drow Science Steampunk Guitar. Tested and certified pony-safe.


Reintroducing the Z&A Hoods

Today we're reintroducing the small range of Z&A hoods. They've been recoded from the ground up using the new Z&A restraint system. This means that, like all the other restraints, they now have SL and RL timers and they also work with the Z&A Restraint HUD. The reintroduced products are:

We're also adding another product to this lineup. It originally appeared as a hunt gift back in 2012 and, while Antony was busy scripting away, it seemed to make sense to give it a complete makeover and have it live again:

Now your sub can be warm and itchy while also locked and isolated. ;)

As always you'll find these products in the new product area of our main store as well as on our Second Life marketplace.


Twisted Easter dance

Yesterday afternoon we had our "Twisted Easter" dance. As expected for a holiday weekend it was a little quieter than usual, but we still had loads of fun. We made a special "Raven Park fields" build in the sky and littered it with slightly twisted Easter-related things (many thanks to Night Wish Toys for their donation of a Easter edition anti-grav cage -- something which proved very useful in keeping a certain mostly-friendly Drow safe and sound). We have an album of photos from the dance, and here's some of the highlights:

Many thanks to Miss Eve for a fun selection of music, and thanks to everyone who came along. All being well we'll be back in a couple of weeks and, perhaps, this time, we'll go for something a little less bright green and yellow...


Three new products and some more reboots

Now and again circumstances have a way of coming together in such a way that a build just has to happen. Recently we had a couple of customers ask us if it would be possible to make wearable versions of two of our display devices. As it was, given that we'd recently written our brand new restraint system, we'd considered doing something like it but just hadn't got round to it yet. As normally happens, we didn't make any promises when asked (it's often hard to guarantee times in-world and we don't like to make promises we can't keep) but kept the request in mind.

Late last week and over the weekend Antony got to playing with the idea and the result is a small range of "wearable devices". The idea behind these is that they're attachments, items you wear, and they use our restraint system, but they act as much as possible like devices the victim is sat and locked on. This is done by taking away their ability to move around by walking and flying. The main benefit of this is that your sub or slave could have a small collection of "dungeon furniture" in their #RLV folder and you could attach it to them and put them on display, even in areas where you don't have rez rights.

Here are the first three products in that range:

Keen-eyed Z&A customers will notice that one of the above is based on one of our older products. So, given that we were revisiting the Z&A Five Point Shackle Rod, we decided to give it a reboot and, while we were at it, we did the same to the Z&A Sitting Cross. As usual, these are new products, made with mesh, with lower land impact and with the newer device system:

As always you can find these products in the new product display area in our main store, as well as on the Second Life marketplace.

PS: While we're on the subject of customers getting in contact, earlier today a customer dropped a couple of photos on us showing them having some ponyplay fun while wearing the Z&A Contact Lenses, giving the world around them a little extra sense of mystery:

Many thanks to Dolly (Jamiee Daines) for sharing with us, and giving us permission to show them off.


Dance this Saturday

This Saturday it's time for yet another Raven Park dance. Originally we were going to go with another sci-fi theme but, given that it's a holiday weekend in quite a few countries, we thought we'd postpone that theme until another time and, instead, embrace the weekend.

Well, embrace it in a Raven Park way anyway. The theme for this Saturday's dance is....

So, ideally, come dressed in something relating to the Easter weekend, just with a twist.

Full details are:

Date: Saturday April 19th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


Reintroducing the Z&A Carry Restraints

When we introduced the new restraint system back in February this year the plan was to both create new restraints for Z&A as well as reintroduce some of our older ones with a lot more functionality. The first batch of releases included restraints old and new and since then we've released some more new ones (including gags, nipple pins, arm ropes and one or two items falling on the sillier end of the restraint spectrum).

One set of restraints we intended to reintroduce was what we've always referred to as our "carry restraints". This little range started life with a single one-off product, a product which was largely responsible for launching the idea of The Femdom Hunt: the Z&A Shopping Bags. Once the hunt was over and they went on sale we got a request for a similar product, and then there was the build for the Velvet Thorn pirate hunt, followed by a build for a TMS birthday... Finally we had four variations in this mini range.

Today we're reintroducing them all using the new restraint system. This means that as well as the flexible lock mode they also have the admin system and the timer. On top of that they all now provide lots of control over a sensible set of restrictions and the name that the victim is shown as having by the gagging facility can be set by the key holder.

The carry restraints that are available are:

As always you'll find them in our main store as well as on the Second Life marketplace (click on the images above to be taken to their listings).


Deranged circus dance

Yesterday afternoon we had our "Deranged Circus" dance. There's a full album of the photos we took, and here are a few highlights:

All being well we'll be back with another dance in two weeks. We think we might be going sci-fi again. Watch this space...