Rebooting Staked Out and the Whipping Posts

Today we're releasing rebooted versions of the Z&A Whipping posts and Z&A Staked Out (the latter in both light and dark versions to match the ranges that have being growing over the past 11 months). They are, of course, using the new script engine:

You'll find them in the main store, on the Second Life marketplace and on PrimBay (Whipping Posts, Staked Out Light and Staked Out Dark). Copy versions are also available in the main store and on PrimBay (Whipping Posts, Staked Out Light and Staked Out Dark).

PS: Don't forget that there's not long left now on our Z&A Allowance HUD/Punishment Picker special offer.


No theme dance

As mentioned in group notices yesterday, we made a last-moment change to the theme of the Raven Park dance. The original theme had been The Beatles, chosen for Vila, but RL had other plans and she'd only be around for the first 10 or 20 minutes. So we decided to postpone the theme until next time and have a no-theme theme.

Here's a few photos:

Antony isn't one for dancing/partying solo so
when it was time for his Mistress to head off
she locked him in the Abbey cell and set the
timer to end when the dance would end, making
sure he'd stick around.

We'll be back in two weeks, all being well with the theme we were going to have this week. See you all then!


A special offer

As you might imagine, most of the products that Z&A make get used by Antony and his Mistress. Some are in permanent use (Antony wears a Z&A Sub-Focus, a Z&A Sub-HUD and a Z&A Sub-Allowance 24/7) whereas others get occasional use (Raven Park has many Z&A products out for general use, and Vila and Antony's home contains some too, of course).

A firm favourite of Vila's right now is the combination of the Z&A Sub-Allowance and the Z&A Punishment Picker. Since late on last year the rule has been this: Antony gets a top-up for whichever part of his allowance is getting low, whenever he feels he needs it, but he also has to pick an item from the Punishment Picker. This has resulted in sorts of awkward situations for him. Sometimes it works out in his favour, sometimes not. It's all down to what's written in the notecard (which, of course, his Mistress can edit any time she wishes) and the random values that get picked.

Given how much Vila is enjoying this combination it was decided that, until the end of the month, we'd run a special offer on these two products:

So, the idea is, you head down to our main store (or to the marketplace, or to PrimBay, or from one of our affiliates) and buy a Z&A Sub-Allowance. Then take a look at the available Punishment Pickers (you can see them all listed here on the Z&A Catalogue), decide which one you like and IM Antony Fairport and let him know which one you want. When he's next able to he'll deliver you your choice of Punishment Picker (this should happen within 24 hours -- do feel free to drop him a follow-up in case it doesn't).

Delivery of the Punishment Picker will be from our CasperVend system so it'll only happen when you're online and we'll be able to know you got the product okay.

Also, there's no limit to the offer: if you've got more than one sub/slave that you wish to buy a Sub-Allowance for you get a free Punishment Picker for every purchase. That way they can have their own special set of punishments, tasks, payments, whatever...

If you have any questions about this offer please don't hesitate to drop Antony a line.


Two new products

Today we're releasing two new products into the main store, onto the SL marketplace and onto PrimBay. This is a "reboot" of our original dog cage, now done to match the light/steel and dark/rust range of dungeon furniture (and all in mesh and with the new furniture system, of course):

You'll find both these products in the new products section of the main store, on the Second Life marketplace (steel, rust) and also on PrimBay (steel, rust). Copy versions are also available in the main store and on PrimBay (steel, rust).


Dance this Saturday

Update 2014-01-25: The dance is still on, but there's been a slight change of plan. Here's the notice we sent out:

Just a little reminder that, from 4pm until 6pm today, we're holding another Raven Park dance. There is, however, one small change of plan. The chosen theme (The Beatles) was especially for Vila but RL commitments mean that she'll only get to enjoy the first 10 or 20 minutes at best. So, this once, we're postponing the theme until the next dance and today's is now just casual, come as you want, with the usual wonderfully eclectic Eve Terr playlist.

We're back with another Raven Park dance this Saturday and, for a bit of a change, we're not diving right back into complete geekery (don't worry, there's still lots of that on the list of themes everyone suggested). This time we're going with the theme of a band and everything surrounding them. This week we're going with...

So, expect some Beatles music. And some not-Beatles music. Some solo Beatles music. Perhaps some music that mentions The Beatles. Perhaps even some anti-Beatles music. Come dressed in something Beatles-related, or Beatles-era related. Or... yeah, the usual hilarious interpretation of the theme we expect at a Raven Park dance (yes, you know who you are).

Date: Saturday January 25th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

Hope to see you there. (Caution, tenuous video link follows) Don't, you know, let us down...


Happy 6th birthday Velvet Thorn

Okay, we're a little early with this as things don't actually kick off until tomorrow, but we wanted to make it available with time to spare so that RL doesn't intrude....

Starting tomorrow, and into next week, The Velvet Thorn is celebrating being on the grid for six years. As a fun little gift to all we've made a special kind of map. It's an interactive map that shows the evolution of the region starting February 2009 (the earliest we could get hold of a map UUID for) up to this month.

If you ever hang out at VT and fancy looking back over past builds this is the tool you need. To get a copy just head over our spot in the Velvet Thorn mall:

...and buy the box for L$0.

Happy birthday Velvet Thorn.


Two new products

Today we're releasing two new products into the main store, onto the SL marketplace and onto PrimBay. They're light and dark versions of a product we're calling the "Z&A Bend Over Barrel":

You'll find both these products in the new products section of the main store, on the Second Life marketplace (lightdark) and also on PrimBay (lightdark). Copy versions are also available in the main store and on PrimBay (lightdark).


Abbey Opening Dance

Yesterday evening the first Raven Park dance of 2014 took place. After a short break for Christmas and the New Year we came back to make use of the new Raven Park Abbey. The theme was simply a general "Raven Park" theme (dress goth, or Victorian, or Steampunk, or something similar).

It was a fun couple of hours and it was great to all be back together again. Here's a few photos from the event:

As always, many thanks to Eve Terr for providing great music and thank you to everyone who came along. If everything goes according to plan we'll now be back on our usual fortnightly schedule. See you in a couple of weeks...