Z&A Wall & Railings Cell

New in the shop today is a cell that started life as the gift for those who came along to the Z&A birthday party. The design was driven by the wish to create something that would sit well in a garden and which would look.... not very cell-like. There's no visible floor so you can use whatever surface you wish, and no visible roof either. It could be said that a determined captive could climb the railings and get out. Of course, they wouldn't, your dominance over them would have them wishing to do otherwise (that and the fact that the roof, while invisible, is secure).

For obvious reasons I call it the Wall & Railings cell. It comes in both a transfer version...

...and a copy version...

The cell can be tested and purchased in the main store and it is, of course, available on the Second Life Marketplace (just click either of the images above to be taken to the relevant listing).


Z&A's 6th birthday party photos

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated Z&A's sixth birthday (which is really officially early this coming week) with a bit of dance at the main store. There was great music from Miss Eve, a gift from Z&A to everyone who turned up, and plenty of laughter and bad puns.

I've placed an album of photos over on imgur. Here are a few highlights.

Many thanks to everyone who came along and helped celebrate six years of Z&A on the grid, and to Miss Eve for providing a great set. We'll be back on Raven Park proper in two weeks, and all being well it'll be with another dance venue built by Anna.


Z&A's 6th birthday party

Some time around now, six years ago, scripts were being written, prims were being glued together, names were being decided, logos were being designed, and all sorts of other little jobs were falling into place as the entity now known as Z&A was in the early stages of being born.

Rent was first paid on the first shop in the 19th, the name and logo followed around the 21st. Z&A didn't officially open for business until the 24th. So while the whole process was spread out over a couple of weeks in February 2010 it's the 24th that's marked in the calendar as the birthday.

Because this weekend's Raven Park dance is the one closest to that date it's being moved over to the Z&A main store and will become the Z&A birthday party. As before there'll be great tunes from Eve Terr and, of course, a little birthday gift to you from Z&A.

There's no theme as such, just come dressed as you wish; likely the more "you", or the more fetish, the better (for most people that's probably the same thing anyway). All that matters is you come and help Antony and friends celebrate six years of Z&A being on the grid, helping to make it a little more RLV-filled and a little more kinky.

Here's the details:

Date: February 20th 2016
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Music by: Eve Terr


Z&A Brick Kennel

New today in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace is a simple brick kennel, just the thing for keeping subs, slaves and pets safe (but a little uncomfortable) outdoors.

With a land impact of just 3, it also provides an owner's menu option that lets you select from different styles of brick and different types of metal for the door.

You can come and view and try it in the main store (a copy is in the new product area) and it can also be found on the Second Life marketplace in either transfer permission or copy permission versions.

PS: Don't forget that all Z&A products are under one Marketplace roof now.


Hair/glam rock dance

Yesterday afternoon it was time for another Raven Park dance and, this time, we enjoyed Miss Eve's selection of the best of glam and hair rock from the 70s and 80s, while all dressed up in a rock club. You can find all the photos over on imgur; here's a few highlights:

Many thanks to everyone who came along, and to Miss Eve for a great selection of times. All being well we'll see you all in a couple of weeks time when, if everything goes to plan, we'll be celebrating Z&A's 6th birthday!


Raven Park dance this Saturday

This Saturday it's time for another Raven Park dance and, this time, we're going with a music-oriented theme. We felt is was time for something a bit rocky, but also a little bit retro. So, this Saturday, we'd love you to join us for...

So, dig out your best (or worst) spandex, throw on all the hairspray, work on your best rock dance moves and enjoy the best(?) the 70s and 80s had to offer. Here's the details:

Date: Saturday February 6th
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr


All under one roof

For many years Z&A's marketplace presence has been split between two "shops". Starting today, that's no longer the case. Every single Z&A product can now be found in one location on the Second Life Marketplace.

The range of products available via the Marketplace has also been expanded. Every product that, before, was available in-world as a copy edition as well as the transfer edition, now has its copy edition also available through the Marketplace.

If you have either of the Z&A MP shops bookmarked, please update to make sure that the correct one is the one you'll always go to.

To celebrate the end of the consolidation process I'll be doing a special offer roughly every day this month (I say "roughly" because sometimes RL can get in the way). Each day a product on the Marketplace (and only on the Marketplace) will be reduced to half price; this will be announced in the "Friend of Z&A" group. When the next product is chosen, the previous one will go to its normal price. That's (hopefully) 29 special offers this month (yes, it is a leap year!).

None of this affects the Z&A main store; it's still there and fully stocked with all of the products available for viewing.

PS: This month is also Z&A's 6th birthday, so expect some more fun to happen later on in the month.