Two new products in the main store

As mentioned a couple of days ago, we're taking part in the Velvet Thorn Femdom Furniture Fair and, to coincide with this, we've decided to launch two new products in the shop. One is a build that we made for The Femdom Hunt, which was the gift for Shackles. We've had a few requests for it since the hunt ended so we thought it was high time we made it available for sale. The other is a brand new build made with the fair in mind.

The new products are:

Z&A Chandelier

Z&A Dresser

The dresser comes with a number of extra props, all for show, and all optional. You can take them in and place your own items on it. One prop of note is the "Home Sweet Home" map:

When rezzed it will show the map of the sim on which you rezzed it. In effect it shows a framed picture of your home.

Both products are available, right now, in our main store.

You can also find them out on display at the Velvet Thorn Femdom Furniture Fair:

You might also note the vendor board in the above picture. This is our free gift to all members of the Velvet Thorn group. It's a simple cage to keep your sub in that matches the Z&A Dresser:

Yes, it really does come with the potted plant. ;-)

To get the free gift all you need to do is visit the fair, make sure that the VT group is your active group, and touch the board.

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