Mistresses and Masters needed

We wouldn't normally blog about positions available in Second Life, but this information came to us from out friends over at the Freedom Continent and, from what we understand, the location in question contains a few Z&A builds.

We're always happy to support locations that support Z&A. :-)

Serjourn Daxter tells us that the huge underground roleplay space associated with the Damsel mall is in need of Mistresses and Masters to help deal with the subs and slaves that can be found there. Here are the details as given to us:
Outside the Damsel mall, you find a huge RLV underground cluster of playspaces. We have seen that most visitors are submissive and single, and while we have traps set with timers, we really need a team of Masters/Mistresses taking care of, teasing and tormenting, the "singles'" that arrive, be it male or female.

The job is simply to hang around and make life a little more exciting for those single subs during the visit to the dungeons. There are no set hours, come when you want, stay as long as you want.

Damsel is a huge dungeon, but it is also linked by a secret underground passage to the 11 playspaces in Pirandello Bay. Pirandello Bay is linked with the caverns beneath the Blacksilk Academy. So you can easily have a "stockpile" of restrained submissives in the dungeons. Unless they cheat with turning off RLV, they will only leave when you allow.

The job pays 20 LD/hour plus tips. Max 4 working at any given time.

The sim is SSC - but submissives with an active relay in the dungeon areas are assumed to have given consent.

Contact Serjourn Daxter for info
Sounds good? If so, Serjourn is waiting to hear from you.

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