Tonight, We're the Candyman

This evening, in SL, there's a party (well, two parties) that caught our eye, over at The Velvet Thorn:

Now... Antony's Mistress has a bit of a thing for Rocky Horror and he's a thing he shares with her so, as they were shopping for outfits yesterday he got distracted for a moment, while looking at lots of images from the movie, and he realised that there was a build that had to be done. Given that Z&A have recently launched a range of cells, it made perfect sense to build a freezer cell! So, a bit of prim-throwing later, and a quick chat with Miss Eve to see if there might be some interest in the build....

So, if you go to VT for either RHPS dance this evening, be sure to drop in on our vendor location in the mall there and grab yourself a free Z&A cell.

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