Eight new products in the main store

It's been a pretty busy couple of months here at Z&A, what with events such as the birthday mini-hunt, the upgrading of the main store to something bigger, the acquisition of the other half of the sim we live on and building for three hunts. Because of this, it's been a while since we released any new products (two months, to be exact).

We have been building though and, today, we've happy to announce the addition of eight new products to the main store. First we have six more cells:

If you need to keep your victims in a forest setting, how about a nice cosy log cabin?

Or perhaps you'd prefer to keep them indoors, in something rather smart:

Maybe you need something a little lighter, something they could break out of, but they know better not to?

Back outdoors again, we have a Roman-inspired cell with nice heavy bars:

For a nice secluded part of your garden, we have a cell that even has space for some seating on the roof, and a nice hole you can look down into and check that your property is still safe:

Finally, for that grungy medical feel, we have this dungeon cell:

As well as the cells, we're also releasing two more forniphilic gags. The idea for these two came about while Antony was working on the gift for the Noir Nights Hunt. First we have a gag that contains a simple plain light bulb:

and, for something with a little more reach, we have a full reading lamp gag:

In both cases they are fully-working lights which can be set to be always on, always off or automatic (when the Sun is down, the light is on).

As always, you'll find all of these products in our main store, and also on the Second Life Marketplace.

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