Five new cells

Z&A are delighted to announce the release of five new cells to the main store and the marketplace.

This range of cells has a very strong connecting theme, one that was inspired by our build of the free gift for the recent Velvet Thorn science fiction themed party. Each of these new cells is heavily science fiction themed, playing with ideas revolving around force fields and invisible barriers.

First we have three cells that use an invisible force field to hold the victim in place:

In each case, when you close the "door" of the cell, there's no visible means of keeping the victim in the cell:

However, should the victim try and wander out of the cell, the force field becomes apparent (with both visual and sound effects):

As well as three cells with invisible force fields, we also have two new cells that have very visible force fields:

Although these force fields are always visible, they still react with visual and sound effects if the victim attempts to pass through them. Also, because we know that red isn't going to fit the decor of everyone's futuristic dungeon or starship brig, the owner's setup menu for these two cells lets you select from a list of colours.

On top of the above selection of colours these two cells also have an "Avatar Mode" for colour selection. When in this mode the field will change colour based on the last avatar to be detected. Any given avatar will always have the same colour, but most avatars will have different colours. There will be an overlap, some will appear similar, but it does mean that the colour will generally change based on who your latest victim is.

As always these cells are all now available from the cell room in our main store and also from our Second Life marketplace store.

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