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When it comes to products such as our bondage furniture/devices we've always made a point of making them available with transfer/modify permissions. The main reason for doing this, at least in the early days, was to allow for gifting of products purchased in the main store. Also, because we've always tried our best to price our products so they're very affordable, there's been less pressure for copy permission because bulk purchases won't break the bank.

That's not to say that we'd never make products available with copy permission. When asked, and for a price that reflects the fact that we're essentially selling an infinite number of copies of that product, we've generally been happy to make up a copy version. In the time that we've done this we've also recognised that there are some products that stand out as being the most-requested in copy form.

Because of this, starting today, we're kicking off a long-term project to make copy-permission versions of some products always available for purchase in-store. These will be sold alongside the usually-permed versions and they will normally sell for three times the price of the transfer version. The choice of products that get a copy-permission version will be dictated by which have been requested most in the past and which make most sense with copy-permission. It's also worth noting that only devices based on the new script engine will be getting copy-permission versions.

Please note that we're only making copy versions available in-world, in our main store. Any product with a copy version will have a smaller vendor board with it that sells the copy edition:

The first batch of products to have a copy version made available are the new-style cell beds that we released a week ago. As time goes on we'll add more.

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