Goth dance

Last night's goth-themed Raven Park dance went really well with everyone dressing the part. We were also excited to have found the perfect build to act as the backdrop for the dance. A little bit of dressing it up to make it look like the venue for a gothic rock gig and... well, here's the photos from the evening:

We'd especially like to thank Eve for putting together this week's set given how busy her day was. And, as always, many thanks to everyone who came and joined in the banter. We really enjoyed the evening and we hope you did too.

PS: We also got a sneak peek of the new mesh version of the Sunshine Technology mittens. Rumour has it they should be available any time soon. Antony's rather looking forward to it. There was a suggestion his Mistress is too.


  1. Somewhat surprising that Lord Muck did not get a mention in this most august blog post :P

    1. Not.... Saying.... A.... Word.... (I've learnt that lesson at least).