Dance this Saturday

While we did all promise ourselves that we'd try and spread out the sci-fi themed dances things haven't quite gone according to plan and, at the last dance, we all pretty much agreed on this week's theme. So, here we are, the next Raven Park dance and we're going all dress-up-sci-fi again.

This time the theme is one where the text for this blog entry should really be scrolling up, and getting narrower. It's a theme were you need to choose if you're on the side of good or evil, where most of the baddies have English accents, and where, let's be honest, the baddies have the coolest-looking ships and the best theme music.

Yes, that's right, this week we're going all...

Star Wars

Sith or Jedi. Smuggler or Princess. Clone Trooper or Storm Trooper. Everyone is welcome. Apart from Jar Jar. Nobody likes Jar Jar.

Date: Saturday October 5th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

PS: Do bring your own food. There's no canteen.

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