Z&A Wall Clock

This week there's another Z&A release that, while providing all the usual RLV-based hold and display abilities, also acts as something generally useful. It's called the Z&A Wall Clock:

It's a fully working clock with 2 faces, designed to be mounted on a wall. The owner menus allow you to set an offset so you can have the clock display times other than the time in Second Life (just remember that it's just an offset from SL's time -- so any daylight saving differences that come and go will need your adjustment). The clock faces also have a backlight which can be set to always on, always off or to only come on when the SL Sun is down on the region. There is also the option to set the face to appear clean or dirty.

As for the "victim", they can be dangled in a number of different ways and directions:

As always, this product is available for viewing and testing in the new product section of the main store, and it can also be purchased on the Second Life marketplace. If you'd prefer a copy permission version you can also find that available in the main store.

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