Z&A Custody Block Cell

Z&A has a fairly large range of RLV cells, in all shapes, sizes and styles. Some are grungy and very dungeon-oriented, others are designed to be very futuristic, quite a few are designed to fit around and blend in to a home and garden. One thing I've never built though is a cell that looks like it could fit into a modern police station or prison. As of today that is no longer true.

New in the main store, and on the Second Life marketplace, is the Z&A "Custody Block" cell:

It is textured with concrete on the outside, and with a fairly stark tiled interior:

The cell's resident will be able to enjoy some light through the frosted glass window, but if more is needed there are lights either side of the ceiling (which are, of course, under the control of the keyholder of the cell).

While the default look for the inside of the cell is very clean, an owner-only menu provides an option to make the tiles look dirty too (with two levels of dirt available).

The strong metal door has an access hatch that is also under the control of the keyholder, making it easy to check on the detainee.

The cell comes in two versions: no-copy/trans and copy/no-trans.

The outside of the cell is textured with the copy/no-trans version in mind. The front walls are designed so that when you place two or more cells side-by-side it makes a seamless wall.

The back wall of the cell is textured in a much rougher texture so that it can appear more like the outside wall of a building.

The overall effect of this is that, with the copy version, you can quickly and easily stack a number of cells side-by-side and create your own custody suite.

Many thanks to Anna for helping set this scene up.

You can find the new cell for viewing and testing in the main store, and it is also available for sale on the Second Life marketplace (just click either of the vendor images above to be taken to the MP listing).

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