Z&A Sub Trail

While a good number of Z&A restraints are intended to be serious in their point and purpose (for fun values of serious, obviously), others are very obviously designed to be plain silly and fun. Examples of silly and fun would be the Z&A Thought or the Z&A Babble. Today I'm releasing another product that very firmly falls into that camp. I call it the Z&A Sub Trail:

The Sub Trail is a item worn on the avatar that leaves a particle trail behind them as they walk. It comes with plenty of options.

Once locked on a victim the key holder can control things like the brightness, if the length of the trail, the alpha of the texture (with stand and end values), the flow of the trail (again with start and end values) and the colour (also with start and end values).

The Trail comes with a number of built-in textures and patterns.

It has everything from a rainbow...

...to helpful messages...

...and many more options besides. There's also a facility to assign and store up to 9 of your own textures. This would let you "brand" your own property, or perhaps just have them do a little advertising for you:

The Sub Trail can be found in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace.

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