Z&A Avi-Look HUD

The Z&A Marketplace contains a good few free tools -- as much as I love making RLV-based items I also like to share any little tools I make for my personal amusement, or to make SL a little more fun or easier. One such tool I made a couple of years back was the Avatar Height HUD. Partly made out of curiosity, also partly made as a tool that could be useful for region owners, it did what it said: it let you check the height of avatars around you.

In the past few days I've rewritten it so that it's a slightly more general purpose tool. It's now called the Z&A Avi-Look HUD:

It allows you to pull up a list of up to 50 avatars who are on the same region as you, and then when you select an avatar it lets you quickly inspect a few key bits of information about them:

As well as height, you can also see their script memory and time, their render weight (as reported by the server) and also get a list of all their non-HUD attachments, showing who created them and where they are attached.

The main list of avatars can be configured so that it's sorted in a few different ways. While it is mostly going to be useful to sort by distance from you, there's other options if you're trying to quickly track someone down a different way:

You can find this HUD freely available on the Second Life Marketplace as well as in the free product section of the Z&A main store.

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