Z&A Holding Box

Z&A have all sorts of devices and cells for keeping your victim or inmate in place. Some are very large cells, some are very uncomfortable devices and forms of restraint, some smaller and a little more claustrophobic. This new release is intended to be at the uncomfortable and claustrophobic end of that spectrum. I call it the "Holding Box":

Fitted with a hard seat and chain points for the hands and legs, it's quite narrow and has a very low ceiling, causing the inmate to stay mostly immobile and bent over. Just the perfect place to keep the more problem individuals before deciding their ultimate fate.

It comes in both steel and rust versions and, as well as the normal transfer version (rust, steel), there's also copy versions (rust, steel) for those who prefer to but for bulk use.

You can find the Holding Box on the Second Life Marketplace (click on the vendor images above to be taken to the listings) and also in the new product area of the main store (where you can see them in person and give them a try out).

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