Would You Like to be Our Neighbour?

Are you, or is anybody you know, looking to rent land on a Femdom-friendly sim? If so you might be interested to know that a number of plots have become available next to the Z&A main store on Shackles.

There are six 1024sq.m plots and one 512sq.m plot currently available. Plots can, of course, be joined if necessary. The 1024sq.m plots give 351 prims and are priced at L$600 per week. If you like the sound of this please feel free to pop over and have a look. Just teleport to our main store and then head to the south-west corner of the sim.

If you want to know more please don't hesitate to contact Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar. There are, of course, rules for the sim (it is a Femdom sim, after all) and there is a covenant covering each plot. A copy of the sim rules is available from a number of locations on the public plot and a copy of the covenant can be supplied upon request (or seen via the land information dialog).

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