Evil Bunny Hunt

March has been an unusual month here at Z&A in that we've not been taking part in a hunt. We went looking but, sadly, couldn't find a hunt that was a good match for us. April, however, is a little different.

We are, of course, organising The Femdom Hunt, which starts on the 15th and runs until the 30th, but before then we have another hunt that we're part of:

We'll let the hunt organiser explain this hunt:

The Evil Bunny Hunt
April 1-30th

The evil bunny has been very busy spreading Easter chaos, stealing eggs and being, well, evil.  Follow his devious trail of nice and naughty eggs to find the golden egg at the end- but beware of that carrot, is it ink or blood, we don't know as he's very tricky and quick. That fluffy tail isn't as cute as you might think.

THE EVIL BUNNY HUNT consists of naughty and nice eggs, designers choosing which theme they prefer. You are looking for an angelic halo egg or a naughty devil horned egg. Check the poster at each location to see which they have picked.

Watch your back, you never know when the evil bunny might sneak up on you.  If you make it all the way through, they'll be a golden egg for you full of things evil bunny picked up along the way, so put on your thinking cap to follow the clues, collect all the eggs and follow the last clue to the golden egg. 

Don't forget to grab your magnifying glass, sleuth cap and basket from the big evil bunny and happy hunting!

Oh, if you have questions, be sure to join the group by touching the large carrot and visiting our blog site:

Given that this is a hunt that's accepting images of the items before it starts, and given that our build is complete and our image submitted, we've decided to give a sneak peek at it here:

Yes, it's the Easter Bunny. Yes, it's a variation on our leather hood. Yes, it's a cut-down version of the hood. Yes, there's a little more to it than you can see in the picture. No, we won't tell you what else it does, you'll have to wait and see. :-)

If you like the sound of this hunt just pop down to our main store and slap the hunt sign to get more information.

And don't forget to slap the Femdom Hunt sign while you're there.

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