New Mall Location: Romanum

Now and again we get messages from mall owners, asking if we'd like to take a space in their mall. Most times we don't. The reasons are many and varied. Sometimes the mall won't be a good match for us. Sometimes it's too expensive. Sometimes it's obvious that the mall is generally very quiet and it won't be worth the cost of being there. Sometimes the mall owner won't respond to simple questions like "how much and how many prims?" (seriously, one time, that happened).

But, sometimes, just sometimes, we'll get a request where everything makes sense. We had one of those yesterday. So, as of today, Z&A have a new mall location: Romanum:

The sim is, as you might guess from the name, themed on ancient Rome. It's an adult sim with BDSM elements and is cheifly aimed at male/male relationships. They have a website if you want to know more.

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