Z&A Productions at ZEXPO 2011

Further to yesterday's completion of our two "hangout" builds at ZEXPO, we're now delighted to announce that we've finished putting out the Z&A store there too.

This build contains a selection of items, for sale, from our main store. There is, of course, a landmark giver for anyone wanting to find their way to our main store to see the full range of our products.

We also have three ZEXPO exclusives in this build too. The first is that, only at ZEXPO, and only while ZEXPO is running, Z&A Sub-Focus is available at half price. Rather than the usual L$299 we're offering it at ZEXPO for just L$149. If you haven't yet picked up a copy of this great tool for exercising extra control over your RLV-loving subs and slaves... now's the time to do it.

We've also put out two gifts too. These are, sort of, novelty builds, but they're also fully-scripted and fully-working Z&A products too. Both products were inspired by lines in this video which we first saw via fetlife.

To get a copy of the gifts just look for these boxes and touch them:

The only place you'll find these gifts, while ZEXPO is running, is at ZEXPO. You'll find them both near the front of the shop. We hope you have as much fun with them as we had building them.

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