Avatar Radar

Ever since llGetAgentList() turned up on Z&A's home sim (we're currently an RC sim) Antony's been itching to have a proper play with the function. Since last week it appears that the function is now available on all sims and, this last weekend, Antony finally cracked and built something.

With a sprinkle of RLV on top, of course.

We're happy to make available, for free, the Z&A Avatar Radar:

The radar creates a 3d map of avatars in your region, showing them above an actual map of the region. Each avatar's "bug" shows information about them (name, location, range from the radar, if they're walking, sat, away, in mouselook, etc...) and also, where possible, indicates if they have a working RLV relay or not (avatars with a responding relay are shown in red, those without shown in green).

If you'd like a copy just pop down to our main store where you'll find it with some of our other free builds.

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